The Bryan Hyde Show hour one 5-7-2021

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


Why do so many people look for someone to lead them? Gary Barnett takes a hard look at how the very notion of leadership constitutes a failure of individual responsibility.

The president has proposed universal preschool as part of his "American Families Plan" that includes free community college, paid leave and subsidized child care. Kerry McDonald has 4 solid reasons to oppose this offer to invite even more government control into the lives of our kids.

The official push to get as many people vaccinated against Covid-19 as possible seems to be stalling. Those of us who have chosen to abstain from the vaccine are sometimes portrayed as selfish conspiracy theorists by the folks pushing for mandatory vaccination. Jeff Minnick has a well thought out response as to why he hasn't gotten the vaccine.

The most successful people don't have an aversion to failure. Instead they learn from it and continue to improve. Lawrence W. Reed has the inspiring stories of two historic business failures by legendary entrepreneurs that reveal a poignant truth about failure.

Change usually happens so incrementally that we hardly notice it. If you've been wondering how far tech has advanced in the past 20 years, Alex Hammond has some encouraging news.


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