The Bryan Hyde Show hour two 1-7-2021

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


When something big goes down, getting a clear perspective of what really happened isn't always easy. It's always best to go to the source whenever possible. Charity Wight joins me to talk about her family's experience at the rally in D.C. yesterday. If you're under the impression that Trump supporters and patriots were rioting and out of control, you need to hear what she has to say. The media narrative is very different from the reality of what that event looked like.

If the opening days of 2021 are causing you grief or despair, don't forget that the responsibility for making this a better year than the last one falls directly on each of us. Kent McManigal reminds us that it's up to you to make 2021 better–not someone in authority.

Ready for some good news? Reality is finally becoming impossible to ignore in the case of how strict lockdowns are not preventing the spread of Covid-19. How is this good news? Jon Miltimore explains that it exposes the lies of lockdown authoritarians who continue to double down on their efforts to consolidate control.

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