The Bryan Hyde Show hour two 10-19-2020

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Social media censorship may be annoying but it's not as disturbing as the attempts to silence and marginalize medical doctors and health experts who question the official lockdown narrative. Dr. Scott Atlas has been a special target of the medical censors. Professor Martin Kulldorff of Harvard Medical School has penned a letter asking why.

A lot of the fear that we're seeing these days is driven by concern over the loss of political power. T.K. Coleman has some very sound advice on this matter. Check out his essay on Jesus, politics and the culture of fear.

While so many voters are simply concerned with power, we'd be wise to remember that principles should be an essential part of why and how we vote. Mike Maharrey of the Tenth Amendment Center reminds us of the nature of the federal government and how it has been flipped on its head.

During this point of the election cycle, it can be very hard to remember that the partisan divide is an artificial one. As Daniel J. Mitchell explains, the battle isn't between left and right, it's statism vs. the individual.

At the risk of sounding subversive, freedom-loving Americans should not respect offices or laws. Paul Rosenberg makes the case using the words of the individuals who solidified American liberty.

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