The Bryan Hyde Show hour two 11-19-2020

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The growing societal division over masks seems to have less to do with proven health benefits and more to do with a visible badge of compliance with the official narrative. Jon Miltimore has an eye-opening piece about a new Danish study that finds that masks don't protect the wearers from infection.

Politicians are always making promises to provide favors with someone else's money. Take, for instance, the current promises to forgive student loan debt. Neal McCluskey warns that this would be a very bad idea.

Things may look bad, for the moment. Just remember that there are some bright moments of hope in an otherwise dismal year. For instance, an awful lot of Californians used this latest election to stand up for their rights and to deny their state government the power it wanted.

Another ray of hope is that the current trend to ramp up the lockdowns across America may be on a collision course with the Supreme Court. Anders Koskinen notes that the resistance in building throughout the nation.

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