The Bryan Hyde Show hour two 2-22-2021

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


Dr. Shanon Brooks from Monticello College joins me to discuss what Georgics are and why each of us would be well-served to start growing a portion of our own food.

Once in a great while, government regulation makes our lives better. A lot of the time, however, it leaves us with inferior products that are mandated by the bureaucracy. Gas cans are a great example of this. Clyde Wayne Crews has a great take on the epic failure of the gas can spout designed by EPA regulators.

It's so easy to take freedom for granted. We'd be wise to listen when people who have actually lived under oppressive regimes warn about what led them to that place. As Ethan Yang explains, human nature is where the desire to dominate others originates.


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