The Bryan Hyde Show hour two 4-6-2021

The Bryan Hyde Show

Revel in Wrongthink


Political consultant Gary Welch joins me to discuss the following:

  • Christianity appears to be in decline. What does this mean for politics and the for those that believe? How do Christians approach morality issues with a society that may not accept the same morals?
  • Is it too late on government spending? Biden is off to a good start of debt spending in his first 90 days. Were these new rounds of stimulus spending hitting the breaking point? What are the alternatives? What are ways that we can address the issues without the spending?
  • MLBs boycott of Georgia's voting laws is causing a lot of issues.

I'll be speaking in St. George, Utah this coming Saturday April 10th at the Red Lion Inn as part of the Liberty Conference sponsored by the Liberty Action Coalition. Click here for ticket information.


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