The Bryan Hyde Show hour two 9-23-2020

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Trust in the heritage news media is evaporating. Gee. I wonder why. Will we ever again have sources of information that give us facts, minus the judgment, and allow us to make up our own minds as to what it all means? Robert E. Wright has a novel idea for create a source that delivers news you can't abuse.

The Millennial generation gets a bad rap. We've been told that they're spoiled, selfish and entitled little snowflakes. But this generation has also faced some significant challenges that others haven't. Shannon Roberts has a fascinating take on the positives and challenges being faced by the Millennials. It's not all bad news.

The friction between stricter Covid-19 mandates and personal freedom are growing more intense by the day. John Tierny explains that there is a moral case for reopening our schools without masks.

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