The Economy of Blackmail


It starts at Yale. The truth still echoes mildly in the ceremonies of modern fraternities. The Skull and Bones society initiate their members in a humiliation ceremony followed by a group confession. Members are disrobed to breach the ego so the spell can penetrate the defenses. In blackmail, this ritual is a slippery slope. At Yale, George was told, “If you get in this coffin and masturbate while we watch, you’ll be set for life.” In the back of a D.C. limousine, Bill was told, “If you fly to this tropical island and masturbate while we watch, you’ll be set for life.”

I don’t say this lightly. Blackmail runs the world. Blackmail is a necessary evil of being evil. Blackmail is the business of exposure. The product of blackmail loses value the moment it’s opened. It browns like a peeled banana on the countertop left there at breakfast. Billionaires own people, not things. Each of them comes with a license and registration. The official title for owning a human comes in two parts or keys. The public key is proof of life. The private key is proof of compromise. To better explain this blueprint, let’s look at a few examples.

Exhibit A

Epstein owned a painting of Bill Clinton in a blue dress. This is the public key of blackmail. The proof of life. This is the banana unpeeled. You can take it around in public. The flesh inside remains uncompromised. Afterall. It’s just a painting. Inside the banana is an actual photo of Bill Clinton in the Monica Lewinsky dress. This is the private key. The proof of Bill being compromised. This is how you own a human once he’s broken.

Exhibit B

The symbolism of 9/11 and the sheep in this Serta Mattress commercial is chilling. Trump filmed this in 2012. That was the same year he trademarked “Make America Great Again.” The same year Weiner’s story broke on Breitbart. The same year Andrew Breitbart died and was replaced by Steve Bannon. The public key is the commercial of Trump giving a thumbs up to some sheep posing atop a tower with 9/11 branded in their side. The private key is a recorded video of Trump disclosing his knowledge that  9/11 was an inside job. Remember. Blackmail is the only way a cabal can trust each other. Without trust, there is no table to gather around for business.

Exhibit C

The public key of a country pretending to be aboard the ISS. The private key is a video showing them filmed in a pool/plane/chamber. This creates a trust forged on mutual destruction through disclosure. Let’s remember both Italy and Russia published press releases insinuating the ISS was filmed underwater. They even posted on the two biggest NASA landing anniversaries (Moon and Mars).

Like your ATM card comes with a PIN number. The blueprint for blackmail always has these two parts. The public key gives you something to talk about. Even trade on the open market.

Exhibit D

The public key is a country pretending to be in a race to build a nuclear bomb. The private key is there is no such thing as nuclear bombs. The cities of Nagasaki and Hiroshima were repopulated the following year. Photos from the blasts resemble the localized burning of a firebomb attack, not a nuclear warhead detonation. Here again, exposure is the commodity for the blackmailers. When there’s a commodity you can do business.

Exhibit E

Thirty-three made countries vow they must protect the fragile environment of Antarctica by signing an international treaty that is never been breached regardless of war. The private key is the artic veil hiding the rest of the earth. Another example of exposure commodity. Each country can be destroyed from within by disclosing the truth.

Countries aren’t what we think they are. It has to work this way. Otherwise, we’d be sovereign proud people walking around like we owned the place. They can’t have that. Never underestimate a man who’d lay in a coffin and masturbate in front of his dad for political power. I don’t say that lightly either. This is how you run the world. These families forge a name for themselves over the generations. Depravity and compromise is what it takes to be on top. It’s a small club. Be thankful we’re not in it.

There can be only one Baal.


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