The Elephant is Israel

In this video, I explain to Walt how my current tactics for #TheGreatAwakening are failing. I discuss the chemical mind control that is inserted into every one of us to maintain the system as it stands. I mention AmazingPolly in this example purely because her reaction is indicative of so many truthers when it comes to talking about Israel. If you hear this video as an attack on her or her work you are mischaracterizing both my intentions and the content in this video. 27 states have made it a felony to exercise your constitutional rights to chose who and who not to do business with. The state of Florida has declared it a felony to mention what happened aboard the USS Liberty. My latest article explains the golden child syndrome of Jared Kushner and the dangers of allowing someone associated with blackmail inside the White House. America First. Love for all people. All people. Jared Kushner article:
QAnon is Mossad article:

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