The Endless Emergency


Gavin Newsom has just issued an Executive Order predicated on the State of Emergency continuing to March 31, 2022. This is completely lawless. 

It’s what James Gallagher and I warned the courts about in hundreds of pages of briefing. Newsom will never give up power voluntarily – even, it turns out, during a mysterious 13-day disappearance. 

The Governor did finally resurface on Monday, explaining he’d spent Halloween with his family. That’s laudable, though some have raised questions as to when trick-or-treating became a two-week event, how that squares with photos of him attending the Pelosi-officiated Getty Wedding, and why his whereabouts were a tightly guarded state secret.

The Getty extravaganza, by the way, was on the one-year anniversary of Newsom’s French Laundry dinner, putting an even finer point on this parable for California’s decline: a corrupt political class with one set of rules for itself and another for everyone else.

All the while, California’s COVID “case rate” (the key metric, according to Newsom) is now twice Florida’s. We still have the nation’s worst unemployment. We still have a school mask mandate rejected by most of the civilized world, including the new Mayor of New York City.

And remember Newsom’s youth sports ban, which sparked the Let Them Play movement? A new study of SEC football games finds not a single COVID case was transmitted last season.

Yet students still face acts of pure cruelty at some schools, like lunchtime in the rain. I’ve issued a formal request, joined by Senator Scott Wilk and Reopen California Schools Founder Jonathan Zachreson, for an oversight hearing into these inhumane conditions.

But some good news: A Recall of three SF school board members now has so much momentum even the city’s liberal mayor and state senator are supporting it. The parent revolution has begun.

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