The Equity Cult


Equity is a wonderful religion but its believers fail to see it. If you believe in equality, you are an egalitarian. If you had a constitution, it would say “all people are equal.” You believe this so much, you can’t imagine another possibility. You reject its opposite with resistance not reason. It’s a religion, and that’s okay. You live in America, you can do that here. But we have a few ground rules in the schoolyard. How about we call in one of the Christians. Hi Chris, do you believe in the separation of church and state? “Yes, I do.” says the Christian. Fantastic. Okay Egalitarian, now you. “Do you believe in the separation of church and state?”

Some religions believe in sin, equalitarians believe in racism, sexism and now fascism. Their devil is supremacy. Their crusades are labeled as “identity politics” but the true nature of the phenomenon is mythological. Equality has invaded our history and amended our constitution. Like any religion it has it’s dark side. Like any religion it holds it followers together with a critical self-analysis. An egalitarian believes an evilness (called supremacy) occupies every part of a free man’s senses, history, and culture. The supremacy of ourselves has been shamed by the group and we are left feeling unworthy or crazy. Only on our knees, in the shame of our prejudice, will we allow the golden yoke of privilege to placed on our shoulders. Under this weight, we will finish our lives catering to the sensitivities and whims of the hive. In this cozy congregation of guilt and self-abandonment, we will beg for our individuality to disappear if only to be told, “welcome home” from the hive.

Our country is a testament to freedom and self liberation. Equality is the soup of french revolution. It’s far too creamy for our ladies’ free-range lips. Speech is a prime mover of the will of the individual. This is not a luxury but an imperative. Equalitarianism is here to suppress this. Calling out “virtue-signaling” isn’t helping. It actually makes it worse and here’s why. An equalitarian’s belief in their own inner-racism is a suppressive yoke on their shoulders. The only relief they get from the weight of this guilt is by finding racism from the real world. This isn’t signaling, it’s mining and the shame feels so bad this is the only time they can feel some relief. To call this release an act of virtue fetching makes their only chance to breath a huge punch in the gut.

We need to expose the equality movement as a religious institution in hopes of a massive self-awakening. Only then will the followers understand the importance of separation of their church from the state. The dissonance is so bad right now, people equate equality with justice. We’ve got to shed more light on equality so people can see it for what it is, a mythos and a collectivist religion. Awareness is the only cure to resistance.

America is a jungle not a garden. And in this jungle you can freely choose to create your very own garden inside this jungle. And you can have walls to protect your tomatoes and your house can have a city to protect your houses. Inside those gates you can practice equality freely. Your home is your religion. Liberty is a jungle. Equality is a garden. If you plant a jungle in your garden, you still don’t have a jungle.

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