The Height of Delusion


Gavin Newsom has declared California “a model for the nation.” This is the height of delusion. His ruinous policies are a model for what the nation must avoid.

Delusion is probably too kind of a word. The other day, Newsom claimed we’d have “40,000 more Californians dead” if we’d taken Florida’s approach to COVID. That is wildly and perversely false. There is truly no bottom for this Governor.

But this much is true. California’s failures are spreading – and I’m not just referring to Kamala Harris. Newsom’s Labor Secretary, who oversaw the EDD train wreck, also failed up to Washington. As did former Attorney General Xavier Becerra, now in Biden’s cabinet.

Similarly, the Special Interests that control Newsom are now front and center in the White House; disastrous California laws like AB 5 are being proposed as national legislation; and of course, Newsom desperately wants to become President himself (speaking of delusions).

So it made perfect sense when, a few days ago, I learned one of Newsom’s top aides is preparing to run against me for Congress. I’m the last person he wants to have a national platform, being uniquely situated to show how he’s ruining California.

He wants his person in this seat, someone to parrot the absurd “model for the nation” narrative. Because if I’m elected, our movement will be a powerful force stopping Newsom’s policies – and Newsom himself – from invading the rest of America.

Please help me fight back. You can support my campaign for Congress with a quick and secure online donation.

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