The Last Straw


Remember the ban on plastic straws? Gavin Newsom just signed legislation extending it to forks, chopsticks, ketchup packets, and other “foodware accessories.” I only wish I could tell you that was the worst bill he signed this week. 

Late yesterday, Newsom signed the CRT bill. It’s not a bill allowing CRT to be taught in our schools. It’s a bill requiring it to be taught in our schools. Two years after saying the model curriculum would “never see the light of day,” Newsom has made it a graduation requirement.

The National Review called the curriculum “the most radical, polemical, and ideologically loaded educational document ever offered up for public consideration in the free world.” You can see my speech against it on the Assembly Floor here.

This is all on top of Newsom’s corrupt K-12 vaccine mandate. Lawmakers are already suggesting they’ll try to remove any personal belief or religious exemption when we return in January. Get ready to fight.

Meanwhile, kids are being treated worse than prisoners at some California schools. I’ve heard reports in LA of students being allowed to drink water at lunch only. 

A leading parent group fighting this insanity, Reopen California Schools, was just shut down by Facebook. Only after we got the national media to report on this did Facebook (a major Newsom donor) bring the group back yesterday. 

If you feel like the corruption and idiocy are too much, I understand how you feel. But we have to fight back. Who else will fight for our kids, for the truth, for our country’s principles, for our state’s future? If not us, then who?

Help me fight at the State Capitol

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