The Last Thing States, Cities Need Is a Taxpayer Bailout


These governments were unwise in the good times. Now that the storm has arrived, taxpayers, who are feeling the tempest themselves, should not have to pay for unrealistic and extremely expensive public pensions.

Besides, a bailout will just lead to even bigger problems down the road.

(From Real Clear Politics)

President Trump and congressional Republicans should demand that any federal “stimulus” — if any more is needed — should be targeted to businesses and workers through a payroll tax cut or direct cash payments to families. Pelosi’s and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s insistence that the money be shoveled into the coffers of city hall and state capitals is only further evidence that Democrats care more about the protected class of government workers than the 140 million private sector employees.

The Pelosi plan may be a good way for Democrats to stimulate more campaign contributions from teacher and government employee unions, but it is no way to stimulate what the economy needs most right now: private sector growth.

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