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The Man From Katuah Project is a video documentary focused on telling the story of voluntaryism, blockchain, and cooperative government. The goal is to show the principles of unanimous government, natural law, and the reawakening of the Iroquois system of government as a tapestry of agreements. Read the original story which inspires the film.

By contributing financially to the project, your currency will be converted to virtual tokens which provide you with the credentials and ownership percentages of the content we produce. In this way, the documentary will serve as a living prototype of the voluntary blockchain at work in the real world.

We’ve already raised most of the $1000 for a camera rig we’re building. This includes an AI assisted “Talking Stick” camera we’re making that has face-tracking. The talking stick is combined with an additional GoPro Hero7 and some lapel mics to make a versatile campfire filming rig that’s non-evasive and easy to move. We’re taking the rig to campgrounds where we gather around a fire and talk about the government. This project is for those who know waiting for the system to fix itself is part of the manipulation. This film is for people who see the power in localism, community, the Cajun Navy, Minutemen, and people connected to the land.

You can subscribe to our Film Calendar at this link so you can track what we’re doing.

If you are interested in joining the project as a Producer all you have to do is one of two things:

1.) You can join us on Patreon.

2.) You can send a PayPal donation.

There are currently 36 Producers and we’ve raised over $600 and bought two cameras. Join us!

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