The Mind War


I know how truth works now. A former fan has burned my book and posted a photo. It accompanied a 20-part thread on my failures as a human being. As if each of us doesn’t keep our own working list. Curiously, I traced the root of their disagreement back to my views on corporate Pride Month. I spoke out against sodomy and this is what it brings. We are surrounded by the broken who insist no one should say a thing about it.

To review, sex is magic. Sodomy is black magic. The sex ritual causes an egoic breach. You drop your lifeforce like the defense shields on a starship. You become vulnerable to attack. There are dark shadows hiding in the trees. We drop our shields and they enter to infect the crew. These are possessions manifest as cravings for depravity. Poor food choices. Poor thoughts. Poor decisions. Being against them makes me a homophobic bigot. If June was Butt-sex month I’d be saying the same thing.

My book has officially be martyred by sodomites.

Let this be proof. What we call reality is a vast conspiracy. So many are hungry for the witch. Injustice creates an addiction to justice. It doesn’t matter who burns as long as these coals aren’t wasted. The narrative moves across the carpet. This is why unity is not our strength. Unity is the get-away-car of empathy jackers. They blindfold a hostage and throw them in the van. They’ll be Patty Hearst by tomorrow. Self-empowerment is our strength. Self-supremacy scares the crap out of government. They shame that word every day because it’s so dangerous. If Breitbart wanted to fix America, they’d publish an expose on 42 False Flags. Media is more the government than Congress could ever be. The drum major of our thoughts is a five-headed snake and rattles a wand. The cause of the fire is still unknown in Notre Dame.

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