The New Blockchain Based Version of Wikipedia Hosted on EOS – Everipedia

Jeff Berwick interviews Sam Kazemian, Cofounder and President and Kedar Iyer, Director of Software for Everipedia. Topics include: everything on an encyclopedia, Everipedia vs Wikipedia, Wikipedia and Google controlling the narrative, censorship resistance, tokenised contribution system, EOS has massive transaction throughput, EOS a general compute version of Steemit, Dan Larimer, Everipedia started with a snapshot of Wikipedia, Everipedia now a million pages bigger than Wikipedia and growing fast, the airdrop for Everipedia IQ tokens, vote Liberty Block for a free EOS Everypedia website: Simple EOS block producer voting: Subscribe to The Dollar Vigilante newsletter here: Anarchast interview 'EOS versus Ethereum and Bitcoin versus Bitcoin Cash with Rafael LaVerde': Facebook:

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