The People’s Truth – E4 – Breast Implants Ticking Time Bombs July 24, 2020

It's time to hear the real truth the mainstream media is not telling us! ‘The People’s Truth’ with Tia Severino July 24 on the UI Media Network. Join Health Freedom Advocate Tia Severino as she interviews Explant Liaison, Dee Hicks along with Breasts Implants Illness Awareness Advocate, Laura Bowden. Dee has attended both FDA meetings in regards to the dangers of breast implants and was honored to be chosen to speak on behalf of thousands of sick women globally.
During the past three and a half years since explant, she has helped run one of the largest support groups on Facebook.
This support group has now grown close to 120k women.
In October of 2019, she became the first-ever "Explant Liaison" and accepted this "tailor-made' position for Aqua Plastic Surgery in Jupiter, Florida. Laura is a Breast Implant Illness awareness advocate. Original Pioneer of breast implant awareness. Featured on Oprah. Part of the Dow Corning class-action lawsuit.

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