The Perils of Medical Hubris

Laws that demand parents knowingly risk injury or death or their own beloved children are intolerably inhumane. The question is not whether such injustices will be resolved; the question is whether parents will wait to convince the majority, flee as medical refugees to more rational States, or disregard such cruel overreach? Once forced, they have no moral choice but to walk away from orthodox medicine one by one, thereby, en masse, revealing the relative futulity of paradigms poisoned by profit incentives due to the hubris of a paternalist medical conspiracy of good intentions. Woeful and willful ignorance of risk portend disastrous outcomes: the rejection of Science and The Press by the inevitably awakened majority, and a vigorous condemnation and punishment of purveyors of misinformation leading parents to bring their most precious prosperity to slaughter for some uncertain proclaimed greater good. Governments must behold and heed the wisdom of painfully earned experiences of the injured masses who come in earnest to protect those with unrecognized shared peril. For all the uncertainty and suppositions, one outcome is assured: this well-identified minority of American citizens will not conform; given their natural imperative as parents they will resist and protect the welfare of their loved ones, they will defend their liberties against any assault, and they will not rest until the abrogation of the sacred contract of public trust is revoked and is replaced with a trust of self-determinism and remedied via public health policies and medical practices founded on reality.

James Lyons-Weiler

Allison Park, PA

June 22, 2019

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