My posting of these videos is nearing its end. I have tried to stay away but things always happen compelling me to speak up. We are near the end. 9/11 changed the world. On September 10, 2001 we were living in the world. When we woke up on September 12, 2001 we woke up to a world and country that we no longer recognized. Another such event is imminent. It will most likely occur after the 2020 election but if certain events transpire it may occur sooner. There is a high likelihood that this event will be economic in nature. One possible scenario is economic catastrophe followed by another major event like a war where the war will be the blame for the cause of the economic event. If you are paying attention to the stock market you will notice that it is making new all time highs everyday. What we are witnessing
is what is referred to as the final melt-up. Look up "melt-up" if you are unfamiliar with this term. This is what is happening at this time: Donald Trump's associates are being prosecuted and jailed. Paul Manafort and now Roger Stone. Donald Trump is currently undergoing hearings that could end very badly for him. Youtube has announced that they are deleting channels after December 10 that they say are not commercially viable. My channel has been demonetized on 3 separate occasions and youtube still owes me $600 which they refuse to pay out. If youtube flips the switch on December 10th and everyone's channel is taken down, it may signify that THEY are making their move. If my channel and thousands more go down on or around the 10th, the impeachment will still be going on. This means that something is going to happen during the impeachment that they don't want us talking about. The removal of Trump from office would cause the greatest stock market crash in history. This crash would change the world in the same way 9/11 changed the world. Our first big hurdle is Trump needs to survive his impeachment. Then as a country we have to survive up until the election. After the election… honestly I don't know. I guess it depends on who wins. Trump winning will allow him to continue the agenda that I have been opposing for the last 2 years. Trump losing will cause the stock market meltdown. The person running right now that is most dangerous to our country is Pete Buttigieg because of the moral depravity that will be unleashed on our nation. If you think LGBT-world is bad now, it will get 100 times worse if he wins. We have a lot of bullets to dodge right now and as a people there is very little any of us can do at this point other then watch. If this channel gets deleted, you can follow me on bitchute. Also, if you are a user of the brave browser and don't know what to do with your BAT tokens, I collect them and you can tip my youtube channel. If you are not right with God, now would be a good time to start thinking about it. Original source:

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