The Response To Coronavirus ‘Is Central Planning on Steroids’: Rep. Thomas Massie, Says he declined ‘bribes’ to support coronavirus stimulus bill


Such central planning naturally facilitates crony capitalism. Watch out for new efforts to fund “infrastructure” in any additional “stimulus” efforts.

Massey tried to at least get things on the record. Instead the largest spending bill in history was passed with a voice vote.

(From Reason)

Massie says that he knows several members besides himself who would have voted against it and name-checks Justin Amash (I–Mich.), Ken Buck (R–Colo.), Alex Mooney (R–W. Va.), and Andy Biggs (R–Ariz.) as others he says were solid no votes. He adds that several “Bernie bro” members recognize that the CARES Act is “cronyism on steroids” but isn’t sure they would have voted the bill down given the opportunity.



Rep. Thomas Massie says he declined ‘bribes’ to support coronavirus stimulus


(From The Courier Journal)

“I hope the people can appreciate that I didn’t take any of the bribes, if you will, and I didn’t bow down to any of the threats, and now I have to live with my decision.”

Those death threats were reported to U.S. Capitol Hill Police and the local sheriff in Lewis County, Kentucky, a representative from Massie’s office told The Courier Journal.


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