The Satanic Messiah


There are three children of Abraham. Each worships the same god but argue about its representative. Each child reads from a different book and each book claims to have the truth. All three children believe in one god but disagree about its messiah. The disagreements have grown so deep we call them religions now. This is what happens when you tell people there can be only one. Monotheism is the belief in a number. Scripture is the belief in a word. Neither is a belief in God.

The three children of Abraham are Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. They call God different names like Lord, Yahweh, Jehovah, or Allah. The god of the Old Testament is the god of the Quran. Chronologically, the prophets of God have been Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad. All of them have been Messiahs. With every new messiah, a new branch springs from the trunk. A Messiah delivers a new direction as salvation. All of the children of Abraham have messiahs. Judaism’s Messiah was Sabbatai Zevi. Jewish scholars dismiss him now as a pseudo-messiah with mental problems, but his effects on modern life are ignored. Zevi was a Dark Crystal. A first resonator. He installed ritual depravity and incestual pedophilia into half the Jewish population. His life was the bloodroot of modern Satanism.

Sabbatai Zevi was born in Turkey in 1626 and named after the planet Saturn. He excelled at a young age as a kabbalist and mystic. At age 22, he declared himself the Messianic Redeemer predicted in the Zohar said to emerge in 1648. Zevi was a man of deep conviction who detested boundaries. He recited the sacred name for God to a crowd who gasped at his blasphemy. He was a liberator of human dopamine. He awakened himself and others with the raping of taboo. Zevi claimed he could levitate, but only the worthy could see him. His behavior and passion developed a following of disciples in the town of Smyrna until he was banished in 1651. There is evidence Sabbatai was what we today call bipolar.

We call people bipolar for possessing a deep wave. Their rhythm carries too much amplitude for comfort. Society accepts people who are predictable and operate within the mean threshold. You can only be so short and only so tall. Someone who is bipolar violates these requirements and suffers the consequences. Society governs the throttle of chemicals inside each of us using the sociological tools of shame and fame. Zevi’s condition was made not born. If he was too sad, he was shunned. If he was enthusiastic, he was praised. Zevi was charismatic, impressive and brilliant when he was high. He was dark, destructive and dangerous when he was low. This made Zevi a magnetic but reluctant messiah.

As Zevi’s fame grew his mind was split like a harlequin. It was all he could do to cling to faith. In 1658, he declared himself wed to the Torah in a public ceremony. This act drew the attention of a gifted alchemist and orator, Abraham Yachini. Yachini understood Zevi’s nature and used it as a tool he could control.

Yachini asked Zevi into his home, “I have an important scripture we must read together in private. It concerns your destiny.” Zevi joined Yachini on the floor around his table. Yachini unrolled a large scroll and introduced it, “The Great Wisdom of Solomon is written in an archaic language very few know. These are the words of Abraham who spoke of what’s to come. I assure you Zevi, I have seen many things written come true.” Zevi nodded in reverence as he basked in the privilege of its sight. Yachini began to read with a firm voice of a magician, “A son will be born in the year 5386 (1626) to Mordecai Ẓebi, and he will be called Sabbatai. He will humble the great dragon. He, the true Messiah, will sit upon God’s throne.” Yachini watched Zevi’s eyes heave and continued the spell, “Was your father’s name, Mordecai?” Zevi nodded. “And you were born in this year?” Zevi nodded again. “Do you understand your destiny?” Zevi nodded a final time as a chemical shower sprayed in his brain like a mist. His whole life, Zevi felt he was special. Misunderstood. Yachini brought it all to the surface like he was tilling a garden.

The power of belief is multiplied exponentially by the words of another. Yachini had penned the passage for Zevi four days prior. He was lying to Zevi. He felt righteous about it. Truth was a mushroom that needed a tap to drop its spores. He wanted Zevi thoroughly seated in his own confidence. Zevi accepted his divine crown as the dopamine flooded his brain with gratitude. Yachini had built a messiah to rival a Sultan. Zevi was liberated and enslaved with a few words. This is how you catch a rising star.

The Torah has 613 commandments, and Zevi would claim all of them blocked divine flow. Passion was Zevi’s umbilical to God. If the cord was restricted, Zevi would suffocate in the darkness. People expected a gurgling miracle from his lips and abandoned him the moment he spat dust. This pushed Zevi into higher states of depravity. In Constantinople, he convinced a husband to mount his wife on the tavern table while everyone watched. Over the years, this act would devolve into ritual urination performed by Zevi on the crowd. Sabbatai’s bipolar crashes made him best suited as a traveling mystic. He left a huge impression wherever he went and a big hole after he was gone.

He spent two years in Cairo before meeting the healer Nathan of Gaza. Zevi wanted his magic for his vacuous depressions. Nathan of Gaza was locally known for his sacred vision of Ezekial’s chariot during a week-long fast. Nathan was as radical as Zevi. In his work, A Treatise on Dragons, he called for the complete elimination of Torah Law. Nathan of Gaza supported Zevi’s claim as the Jewish Messiah but ignored his depression. To him, Zevi as gifted rather than cursed. Zevi was lifted higher on the pedestal as the divine golden child.

Half of the world’s Jewish population believed Sabbatai Zevi was the Messiah. One million followers saw Zevi as an archetype of God. His acts of liberation and depravity trauma programmed the entire population. A major cleft in Judaism had been cut and satanism had been born.

“Blessed be he who permits the forbidden.” – Sabbatai Zevi

Morality comes with its own virginity. There are certain lines one cannot uncross. Exposing the ears to a loud enough sound destroys our fidelity for softness. The same fate awaits a morality that’s been pulverized. Satanism is a belief in liberation through piercing one’s desire to recoil. But those limits don’t grow back. The Satanist is rewarded for his advances and punished for his retreats. This forces him to push harder every time. Depravity is an unsustainable chemical addiction. Zevi turned half the Jewish population into addicts.

The golden child in the spotlight is never in control. They become a slave to the needs of their followers. Nathan of Gaza controlled Zevi through a new prophecy, “The Messiah (Zevi) would lead the Ten Lost Tribes back to the Holy Land, riding on a lion with a seven-headed dragon in its jaws.” On Sept 16th, 1666, Zevi was given an audience with the Sultan. Zevi demanded Jerusalem on behalf of the Jewish people. The Sultan gave Zevi two choices. Zevi could suffer a volley of arrows from his archers while God protected him or he could convert to Islam. Zevi converted to Islam and the crypto-Jew was born.

The followers of Zevi were devastated. They had defiled their family, their faith, and their holy laws for a man. Some removed the roof from their home trusting Zevi’s words that God would rapture them soon to Jerusalem. In one generation, millions of Jews were installed with his trauma program. Depravity is the echo of abandonment. It’s implanted in the DNA for the next generation to overcome. This was the birth of Sabbateanism and it is still alive today. They hid it inside bloodlines and behind the cloaks of religion. They believe the more you rebel, the sooner God will come. This belief is planted deep in the DNA; it’s not necessary for it to be consciously understood. It reactivates itself like a terror cell from a phone call. There are people actively spitting in the face of God to bring about an Armageddon. These same people run our media, our corporations, our governments, and our wars.

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