The Satanic Ritual of 9/11


The roots of Sidley Austin LLP sprouted as the Civil War was closing. Two men hijacked the insurance industry in a single year from the flames of the Great Chicago Fire. In 1933 they went national by underwriting the Securities Act of 1933. They set their eyes on Washington. The firm represented the American Medical Association, the American Bar Association and currently is the 6th largest corporate law firm in North America. They moved into the North Tower of the World Trade Center in May 2001. Barack Obama worked at this office and is rumored to have met Michelle Obama for the first time in the North Tower.

Rosemary Smith was 16 years old when she got her first job as ticket girl at the Brooklyn Paramount Theater. She survived the first WTC bombing in 1993 and later joined the firm as switchboard operator. She was very close to her daughter and grandchildren. She was an aspiring chocolatier and the 2001 sacrificial lamb. Sidley Austin Brown & Wood LLP had 600 employees in WTC, occupying floors 54 through 59. Rosemary’s desk was on the 57th. She was the only person at that company to come to work that day. The very first explosion in the first tower took its very first victim, Rosemary Smith. Her skin evaporated instantly. Twenty-seven trillion blood cells burst into flame. In the North Tower a circle had been drawn. In that circle a switch was placed. The spell was orchestrated by some unknown director. It had a circle. It had a sacrifice. It had a resonator.

David Rockefeller was on his knees at Ground Zero. It was Aug 3rd of 1966 at 12:34 in the morning. A circle had been prepared in the soil for the Satanic Revels. This was a call for sex rituals from all of the bodies’ openings. Rockefeller was the opening ceremony. David plunged his golden spade into the island of Manhattan. He grunted out a spell of intention as his dimpled ass-cheeks spilled his pale seed into the crevice. His pelvis convulsed and shuttered. David relished the eyes of the party of witnesses around him. He took his time. His mouth was slimy. He moo’ed and grunted. At one point he was howling as his back arched into a crescent. He wanted to feel his animal. He stumbled for his silk pants while people helped him tall again. An orgy had broken out among his hive. The remainder of the morning was an olympics to depravity. David found new boundaries to cross as they celebrated the eastern rising star. David’s vision was that much closer.

Rockefeller’s plan was to bury a steel tuning fork deep in the bosom of Manhattan. Each tower would be wrapped from dirt to sky in solid metal. Its thick outer walls were kept hollow for resonance. Rockefeller’s 110 story instrument would play the song of 2,996 people being sacrificed on live camera. Every morning, David woke up next to this satanic vision. His mental lover. It played through his body and mind at every breakfast. The evilness of his vision became his purpose, his liquid identity. A masterpiece for Moloch. Satan is a title, not a creature. Rockefeller was competing for the throne. He wanted to thrust a dagger straight in history’s eye socket and cackle as it bled in his vision. Rockefeller’s golden child, the Star of David, was fulfilling his destiny. He would become the very king of evil.

Masonic symbolism places a special meaning on the two towers. They can be traced back to Solomon’s Temple and the pillars of Jachin and Boaz. In I Chronicles 17:1 King David expresses a desire to build God a temple but the Lord declines him. Fitting, as these two towers are instead used by the psychopathic elite to justify ritual murder. The tower of Justice is a swift strike with no trial. The tower of Mercy is the slow kill following the warning.

1975, Floor 11, Valentine’s Day Fire

Oswald Adorno was 19 and expecting his first child in August. The year was 1975 and they were living in the Bronx. He was employed as a wall and floor cleaner in World Trade Center Tower 1. The North Tower. Oswald was in the private bathroom of a vice president’s office. He was watching himself watching someone fat in the mirror. He spread his fingers like talons and grabbed the rolls of his belly and shook it. He exhaled loudly as he met the eyes of his reflection one last time. He told himself, “We have to do this.” Oswald followed the instructions carefully. He was on the 11th floor of the North Tower starting his sixth fire in a telephone access closet. He had fourteen minutes to exit the building and collect $6,000. The Valentine’s Day fire ritual had begun. The North Tower fires spread to 6 floors total but were suppressed by the efforts of 132 firefights.

A few days later, David Rockefeller surveyed the damage in his North Tower. He didn’t know who was behind this petty spell. He was disgusted by an amateur pissing on his carpet. He felt shame underneath his floppy waxed hair. It occurred to him this was payback for the ritual orgy 9 years ago. The audience of hyenna’s he ceremonially obliged to lick his asshole were bloodthirsty and impatient. David saw how his evil tower could be stolen. Evil can be dethroned by a raven swooping in to steal the catch. He must be vigilant. The memories of the first ritual on the ground sent nervous rivers of electricity up his spine. He braced himself against a charred door frame and felt the memory of eleven ritual tongues inside him.

The masonic stage is curtained between two towers. The floor of this stage is called the masters carpet. This carpet is a magick holodeck. It is virtual reality placed in the real world. David selected Manhattan for his carpet. He would put the city in a trance that resonated all over the world. On September 11th, the North Tower of Justice struck with no warning. The South Tower of Mercy gave pause before its ring. A ritual circle of water sealed off the island. The streets of New York became a satanic checkerboard of fear and paralysis. Rockefeller cast his spell from a torch inside the copper hands of Lucifer. He was the light bringer, the master magician.

The Statue of Liberty island was closed on Sept 11th. It remained closed for years after Ground Zero. Liberty had alchemically morphed into Lucifer, the Copper God. The torch became a firestarter. It witnessed an archway made of billowing smoke between the vibrating pillars of burning human. David Rockefeller turned “the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free” into his passover lamb. The depravity of the symbolism gave him an erection.

We thought George W Bush was stupid. On Sept 11th, he was at Booker Elementary School holding a book called “My Pet Goat” while listening to a mantra from spelling children. The innocent voices were sounding words with their teacher, “Plane. Steel. Must.” They repeated each word over-and-over. One of the King’s men whispers to the President about the first tower. He nods in approval. He remains seated. He does not look stunned. A tiny smile curled in his eyes so he pretends to gaze at the children for cover. The energy of the lie surging through his system. He was confined to the ritual of the live camera. He could barely contain himself. Like father, like son. A few weeks later, at Ground Zero, he wields a bullhorn high in the air as he stands king of the pile of rubble. They cry for him to “Save us!” He relishes the deception as he thinks to himself, “These people are stupid.”

We will not find the culprits of 9/11. This was a psychotic ritual rape and pillage of a government and a people. Every kind of evil from every kind of corner crawled into the city.  They were given the time. They knew the location. This is the true evil of 9/11. It still lives with us. You see it in the face of its disinformation. Sweet men with soft eyes, perched atop mushrooms, tickling our ears with a rainbow of smoke from a tube. The doctors of misdirection played the heartstrings of patriots so desperately wanting to muster. We can’t even speak on how or who now. If we try, I will lose you in the kaleidoscope of misinformation. Instead, let’s just be quiet together for a moment. Let us find ourselves in the silence. We can meet there, together. This is a place we can truly listen to each other. A cathedral where we share a reverence for truth.

We have to wake up now.

David Rockefeller was declared dead at the age of 101 on the Spring Equinox of 2017. His legacy has been instrumental in establishing the Headquarters for the United Nations as well as the Trilateral Commission. David has welcomed a machine into this world. A new world order of his own energy, frequency, and vibration. The Internet of Things. The wonders of 5G. He can’t wait to show you the dream of progress unfolding. Conspiracy is the magic word for sleep. The trance of a magic bullet prepared us for a nightmare of steel-melting fire. We are frozen in a hypnotic tale of box cutters. We continue to breath the voodoo dust of trauma. We have to wake up now.


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