The School Board Takeover


50,000 kids were absent on the first day of school for Los Angeles Unified. I’m sure the relentless mandates, shutdowns, testing, and other insanity have nothing to do with that.

The good news is things are about to change. An army of pro-parent, pro-student candidates is poised to take over dozens of school boards across California.

Starting Monday, I’ll be releasing my initial endorsements for school board races. I’ll be featuring candidates throughout the state in the coming weeks. If you are a candidate, you can request an endorsement here.

What’s incredibly exciting is that so many leaders of parent groups are stepping up to run, such as Jonathan Zachreson with Reopen California Schools; Julie Hamill with the Alliance of LA County Parents; Scott Davison with Students First California; and Kira Davis with RedState.

The coming political earthquake has already shaken up one district, with voters in San Francisco – America’s most liberal city – overwhelmingly ousting three members of their school board. Even the New York Times ran a story headlined “How Some Parents Changed Their Politics in the Pandemic.” 

Newly reconstituted boards will give parents the leading voice in district policy. They’ll return schools to being educational institutions rather than arms of the public health bureaucracy. They’ll keep radical, inappropriate, indoctrinating curricula out of our classrooms.

And they’ll be the foundation for the renaissance of sanity our state and country need.

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