The Shifting Recall Date


For a year we’ve been exposing Newsom’s scheme to install his crony in the U.S. Senate without a vote of the people. Finally, the media is taking notice. An SF Chronicle reads: “How California Democrats are conspiring to prevent you from electing your senator.”

But there’s an even more sinister conspiracy afoot when it comes to the Recall. Newsom’s allies are openly trying to manipulate the election’s timing to boost his odds of survival.

The election should have happened already. But in 2017, the Legislature passed a bill to change the rules and drag out the Recall process. The goal then was to save a Senator who was at that moment being recalled; I called it a “chilling piece of legislation” in one of my first speeches as a Legislator.

Now, suddenly Newsom’s allies see the delays created by that law as unhelpful for his own Recall. They want it over before the “school reopening” mess and “blackouts” sour voters’ mood in the Fall. So they’re simply pretending the 2017 law doesn’t exist.

They created a new law to help them win one election, and they’re defying that law to help with win another. It doesn’t get any more corrupt.

The most likely election date now appears to be sometime in September. Whenever it is, we’ll be ready. As to my plans for the election, I truly appreciate all who have written and provided encouragement. I’ll have something to say about this soon.

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