The Snake Oil Messiah


Zeitgeist is the mind of God. We insult each other when we assume humanity’s thoughts are separate from him. God is the ant dragging a crouton as much as he is the oil tycoon crowned by a secret society. Strange is the lack of information on the richest family in American history. When tracing the source of John D Rockefeller, Sr’s fortune, all archives “relating to both the family and individual members’ net worth are closed to researchers.” That’s the story we accept. Truth insists we see the shadows. The Rockefeller bloodline is steered from behind a forbidden curtain. There are meta-people living above the laws of countries and birth certificates. These entities employ legal wardens like the Rockefellers to run the farm. Four generations of Rockefeller demonstrated a brutal loyalty to the constriction of energy, mind, and medicine for power. They were the pioneers of globalism and they weren’t working alone.

We know a bit about John Sr’s father, William “Devil Bill” Rockefeller. He sold potions under the alias of Dr. Levingston. William was many personalities. He was a married man with eight children and a practicing sexual predator. His housekeeper Nancy Brown gave him two illegitimate daughters Cornelia and Clorinda. The following Spring, when John was two years old, he watched his father rape another housemaid. Ms. Vanderbeak was in John’s bedroom changing linens when William entered the room and stuck a gun in her mouth. He squeezed her neck like a warm goose and finished her over the bed rail. It was a May Day afternoon for John playing with his blocks in the hallway. John was accustomed to violence. His bloodline had been stripped of morality a long time ago. John would battle depression for the rest of his life. Man is haunted by the sins of his father. We make deals with our children’s destiny every moment of our lives.  Trauma was a dangling puppet string for the Rockefellers. A secret society with longterm plans can turn this into a commodity.

John went to college in Ohio. In his twenties, he started a supply business two years prior to the Civil War. Instead of fighting for the Union, he was poised to sell them groceries and oil. In his very first year, Rockefeller turned a $4,000 investment into $450,000. By fate, the Federal government began subsidizing the price of oil as much as 3000% and the profits flowed directly into Rockefeller’s pockets. By 1863, the talons of the Standard Oil Company, America’s first monopoly, had clenched 90% of the market. In 1911, it was ceremonially split by anti-trust laws forming the seven sisters of oil we know today. This government-enforced break-up was instrumental in making John D Rockefeller, Sr. the richest, most powerful man in America.

On April 20th, 1914 in Ludlow, Colorado a thousand coal miners stopped coming to work for Mr. Rockefeller. They had been forced out of their homes and living in a makeshift camp while on strike. Sixty-six miners, their wives, and children were gunned down and burned alive on the camp’s property. The guards and the state militia were hired and supplied by Rockefeller. No one, including Rockefeller, stood trial for the mass murder. Deities are ranked by their omniscience, omnipresence, and immortality. Rockefeller bloodline was omniscient and invincible from the laws of man. They were guided by the eye of providence through four generations. Each Rockefeller lived a long and healthy life. Each shared a common goal of constriction and globalization. Think about it. Wikipedia politely calls globalism internationalism. From Kissinger to Rockefeller to Soros – every major globalist has been a rich white self-supremacist male. But not once does the media label them White Internationalists.

Globalists are White Internationalists.

Eleven years prior to the Ludlow murders, the richest man in America became the godfather of compulsory education. In 1903, John D. Rockefeller spent $180 million dollars building a factory for the American mind. The United States Congress adopted his plans for the General Education Board with a mission statement, “the people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands.” Compulsory education established the government as the shepherd of the mind, and the people as its flock.

“We have not to raise up from among them authors, editors, poets or men of letters. We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians nor lawyers, doctors, preachers, politicians, statesmen, of whom we have an ample supply…The task we set before ourselves is very simple as well as a very beautiful one, to train these people as we find them to a perfectly ideal life just where they are.”

Every propaganda you’ve been told has come from the press of a central compulsory education and corporate media. History is written by the winner and we are trained to repeat it over-and-over like a jingle. The richest man in the world wanted something beyond money. He wanted global obedience. In 1923, nine years after the coal miner massacre, his education foundation would go international.

The boa constrictor does not suffocate its prey. It renders the victim unconscious by eliminating its blood flow. This tactic made Rockefeller a success in oil. It made him a success in medicine when he declared an economic war on plants. The 1910 Flexner Report set nationwide protocols for mainstream science in teaching and research. As a result, nearly half of all medical practitioners were jailed or closed down. Rockefeller created the American League of Municipalities and the American Association of State Governments to directly influence small towns and state legislators. Under his nationwide influence, all doctors and hospitals would require licensing through a Rockefeller controlled board. This affected all hospitals and teaching institutions nationwide. Combining these two influential organizations with his General Education Board reveals Rockefeller’s desire to monopolize America’s energy, education, and medicine.

The term conspiracy was applied by the CIA to cover up the truth of JFK. The term “quackery” was applied by Carnegie and Rockefeller to centralize allopathic medicine. Allopathy is the treatment of the symptom. Homeopathy is the treatment of the cause. Treating symptoms is an industry. Treating the cause kills the treatment industry. The science of radiation and pharmaceuticals was born as an economy. Probably more than anywhere else, mind control is rampant in medicine. One is dismissed with ad hominem the moment a thought crosses the line. Writers like E. C. Mullins who exposed the 1910 Rockefeller takeover of big medicine in his book Murder by Injection are blackballed in public with labels like “propagandist” and “antisemite.” This is the barbed wire fencing of mind control. It’s as easy as an emotional reaction from being shunned or praised. Propaganda is the product of an allopathic society. Dissonance is sold as a cure for dissonance.

Why would God work through Rockefeller’s constriction? Where is justice in a world of energy slavery and profiteer medicine? The answer lies beyond the ball fields of good and evil. In the parking lot, our consent waits in the car while it’s raining. Man is brought to this game to discover a line separating trust and slavery. If God was recruiting the perfect team, he’d chose the players least susceptible to corruption. We betray ourselves giving our consent to a stranger called government. Losing the sovereignty of a state’s airspace means losing the sovereignty of our minds. Our history has been fully corrupted by their propaganda. The people who invented globalism burned Atlanta and labeled the south a tribe of traitors and racists for complaining. The mind control will continue until sovereignty improves.

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