The Solution Has Always Been YOU


The solution, the angle, the edge that everyone’s looking
for to beat this tyranny has been here all along. People are always seeking
answers, solutions, laws, or someone to lead the way, when the reality is, the
solution has always been simple. It doesn’t even require critical thinking,
analysis, or research. It only requires a moral compass and integrity. The
solution is YOU.

This battle for our freedom is a battle within ourselves.
The smokescreens have everyone believing it’s a battle of “us against them,”
but when you pull on that thread until you can’t pull anymore, and you look in
the mirror, at the core of this, it is about resolution within oneself. It is
letting go of all outside noise, telling you what to do, how to do it, and what
to believe in. It is getting to the root of what prevents you from standing up
for yourself, of setting boundaries, of speaking freely, and of honoring your
God given freedoms that feel as though they are being stripped away, because
you are unable to disobey the tyrants. The rules were set, and you were always
told to follow the rules. But what if the rules go against your right to life,
liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? What if those creating the rules don’t
have you in their best interest? Do you follow them blindly, even though you
know you are submitting to the very destruction of your livelihood?

The problem isn’t what other people say to you, how they
look at you, or what they demand of you – the problem lies in how you choose to
react to it. If your overall concern is about what others think of you, then you
may be willing to sacrifice your freedoms, your morals, and your integrity. To take
a different path and stand out in the crowd often terrifies people, even if it
is the right thing to do. Those perpetrating the smokescreens know this full
well and use it to their advantage while instilling fear, guilt, and shame.
Once they’ve injected that cocktail, it’s hard for a lot of people to step
outside of it and see it for what it is – manipulation. When you know you are
doing what is right, what is just, and what is compassionate, you no longer
care what others think, how they perceive you, or how they may look at you,
because it is their own fears causing those reactions.

Some are filled to the brim with anger over this virus, the
economy, and corruption around every corner, while feeling a sense of
helplessness. Again, the solution is YOU. This virus event isn’t a fight we
take to the government, nor is it a fight we take to the streets, this is an
internal battle that must be won in order for all to walk with their head held
high, their moral compass pointing the way, while saying NO to all of it. What
is all of it? What would end this swiftly? Open your business, make a living,
and feed your family. If you do not wish to wear a mask, don’t. Get out in
nature and do not hibernate in your home. Are you getting calls or a knock on
your door from a “contact tracer”? You do not have to answer or respond, and
you most certainly don’t have to let them into your home without a warrant.
Will they reach a point where they try to intimidate you into doing so by
fining you if you don’t? Quite possibly. Don’t pay the fine. Will they arrest
you and take you to jail for not paying it? Unlikely, but surely they would
select a few to make an example out of. Do you give into this level of tyranny
so they can keep taking and taking and taking, illegally? Do you want to
comfort your fears or do you want to live your life with dignity?

Do not overthink it or over complicate things. Do not sit around and wait to be rescued, for if one cannot stand up for their own freedoms, and only rely on others, we will all be stuck in the same time warp that we find ourselves in right now. People need to release the “rulers” and recognize that you ultimately “rule” your own lives. Our choices create the world we live in, and look at where we are. You can sit around and assess the repercussions of every rightful action you take, and attempt to “weigh it out,” or you can actually do something about it by doing what you know is right, regardless of repercussions. That is living your truth. If everyone stood down due to potential repercussions, there would never be forward movement, but if the majority stood up it would remove the repercussions for all because they do not have the manpower to control the masses. They are outnumbered by the millions. You do not fear the outcome, and know you will be able to navigate it so long as you live by your moral compass, because the alternative is submission and self-sabotage, and you have no intentions of selling your soul.

The IRS is a corporation working for the global mafia that
blackmails everyone into paying them a large percentage of their hard-earned
money so that they can streamline it to arms of the government that siphon it
out to the mafia. It is blood money. They know it. You know it. We all know it.
Why is everyone still paying the mafia? We are all complicit. Fear of fines.
Fear of jail. This is how they own you. If there were ever a time to
discontinue payments to the mafia and cutoff their blood money, this is the

If everyone, or even 1/3rd of the population
honored themselves and their families by standing up for their freedoms, there
would be no need for protests, arguing, or trying to wake people up, because
people would already be operating from a place of power. Say no to tyranny. Say
no to rulers. And most definitely say no to anyone and everyone who threatens
you and your family’s constitutional rights, freedoms, and survival. And never
stop having compassion for humanity, your neighbor, or even the person who
annoys you at work, because their freedoms matter just as much as yours.
Allowing tyrants to rule you by you ousting a neighbor because they have the
balls to stand up for their own freedoms when you don’t, is a sign of envy and
it stems from fear.

They portend to have far more power over you than they
really do, and they propagandize every incident they can to ensure the fear
really soaks into your pores. Sure, they will convince some members of law
enforcement to knock on your door, intimidate you, or maybe even arrest you to
create a spectacle and more fear. Those members are operating from obedience
and their own level of fear, just as you are. How can you hold them accountable
if you are not defying the rules yourself? In any given state, there are
between 250-350 police officers per 100,000 residents. A handful of larger
cities may have as many as 500 officers per 100,000 residents. Keep that in

Will you face sacrifices for standing up for yourself and
your family? Possibly, in some states you may. Are those sacrifices any greater
than what you have already willingly sacrificed, while feeling miserable about
yourself, and completely helpless? By you saying NO, and moving forward with
your life, with your head held high, will you empower others around you?
Absolutely! There is a sheep mentality and studies have proven time and time
again, it only takes one person. Do you think for one minute that people want
to be walking around with masks on? No one does. Sure, there may be some that
do, but only out of fear. The other day, I went into a hardware store with a
friend. Neither of us were wearing masks. Everyone else was. A woman walked up
to us and said to my friend, “I’m proud of you for not wearing a mask.” She
went off to do her shopping. Ten minutes later she returned to chat, no longer
wearing her mask. Sometimes people need the courage to do what they feel is
right in their heart, and sometimes that courage comes from observing another
person’s courage. Just imagine the ripple effect of empowerment, by simply
leading the way.

When I was a teenager, I was at a party with about 50 other
teenagers. There were a lot of people coming and going, and there were a lot of
people partaking in drinking. I hadn’t been there long, when suddenly the
police showed up. I hadn’t had a drink yet, nor did some of the others.
Regardless, they came into the house, sat at the table writing up tickets,
while making everyone form a long line. They did not do breathalyzer tests, but
they wrote all of us up for underage drinking. A few weeks later, we all had a
court date at the same time. It was a funny feeling, walking into a court room
and seeing all of my friends from the party. We filled the room. They began
calling names, and one by one, each one walked up and said “guilty,” and were
given community service. I kept whispering to the others who hadn’t been
drinking to speak their truth and plead “not guilty,” but they were all under
the fear spell. Even at that age, I couldn’t understand why they wouldn’t speak
their truth. I walked up, plead “not guilty” and the judge told me to have a
nice day, and off I went. I couldn’t wrap my head around why they had it set in
their minds that they should take a punishment for something they hadn’t done,
just because the police officers wrote down that everyone was drinking. It was
false. The obvious moral to the story is, do not ever give up your rights, do
not fall for their games, and know that you have more power than they want you
to believe you have. Is this justice system corrupt? In many places, yes. Have
they framed and prosecuted innocent people? Yes they have. Does this mean we
should all stop standing up for our rights or walk off a cliff if they tell us
to? NO.

It really comes down to this in the simplest terms. There
are 327 million Americans in this country. We outnumber the tyrants by
millions! We know we are in the right and we know they are trying to strip away
our freedoms. Guess what? They can’t have them. Not in our minds, not in our
soul, and sure as heck not in the physical world. You set that in stone in your
mind and in your heart and you follow that moral compass and you stand tall and
proud for yourself, your family, and all Americans in this country, and
together we could shift this tide overnight. It is that simple. They do not own
you, they just want you to think they do. Love yourself. Love your family. Love
your neighbor. You were not put on this earth to be a doormat – you were put
here to do profound things, so honor yourself and let those around you honor
themselves, and together we will be stronger. If there was ever a time to look
yourself in the mirror, to muster up courage, and to be brave – that time is

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