The Stakes Have Peaked


I will fight in every way I can to stop AB 455, the “gut and amend” bill requiring vaccination papers to enter a place of business. This is not who we are as a state or a country. Enough.

This chilling proposal is appearing two weeks before the Legislature adjourns. It would apply to restaurants, gyms, movie theaters, and more. No other state has anything like it. 

I’ve been asked how a toll road bill could magically become a vaccine passport bill – and how EDD reform legislation could mysteriously vanish, as it did yesterday. The answer is our Legislature is a total sham.

The stakes in the Recall have just reached peak levels. That was my message at Wednesday’s final debate, which you can watch here. Now is our chance to reclaim our government.

It might be our last chance. Newsom’s enablers in the Legislature are talking about “Recall reform” next year. Make no mistake, retaliation is in store for anyone who dared believe in government by the people.

With 18 days to go, here are a few ways to help make sure that doesn’t happen:

Make a contribution to keep our ads running

Attend an event this weekend

Get a yard sign or pumper sticker

Share a meme on social media

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