The Trojan Horse of Zionism


Zionism is a Death Star orbiting the forest moon of America. The empire sees our moon as occupied with anti-Semitic rebel monkey people tainted with measles. We are told we must be vaccinated from our own disease. Our madness is chained under the master’s desk. We smell the cigar smoke of Zionism wafting. Mossad has Trump’s head in its mouth. AmericaFirst hoped he would step on this snake but the voters made him a lovely saddle instead. America loves Zionism more than it loves Israel. We are programmed by a hypnotic number of six million. If World War II was about the extermination of one race why did Hitler invade Russia? Hitler’s Mein Kampf revealed a disdain for subterranean nations living inside of what he called the Fatherland. Hitler’s first beef was with the French not the Jews. The mind control is so bad I have trouble even typing the word, “Hitler.” As if reading the amended plaques at Auschwitz makes me a bad person. Or consulting the world census makes me a perpetrator in genocide. There were two million Jews worldwide in 1666, you do the math. We are punished and shamed for snooping into our own history. My last article on Judaism was flagged for a week by Facebook. The most effective mind control is a tiny gnat that lands in the eye. It teaches you to graze where the bugs won’t fly. One tiny kamikaze insect is all it takes to send a giant back inside and abandon his quest for unabridged sunlight.

If a country exploits the suffering of its people then that suffering becomes a harvest. Could this be why it’s called a burnt offering instead of a tragedy? No one honors the dead by exaggerating. Would we remember 9/11 more or less by curbing the truth or fudging the numbers? We believe in the chosen people because we would burn in hell for doubting it. We are too afraid to even ask for identification. The biblical chosen people could be Ethiopians or even Irish. The belief in a Zionist state is a belief in religious narcissism.

There is no difference between globalism and Greater Israel. Zionism declares every non-Jew in the world unchosen. Every Abrahamic religion has been told their book is sacred and true. If religions were planets, Christianity would be the sun, Islam, the moon. Judaism would be Saturn. Abraham’s religion turns the blades of a cosmic great work. It gives us the golden child of Christianity and the scapegoat of Islam. Both are manipulated by the hand of Sabbatean Judaism. In abuse, the golden child is abandoned for their failures while the scapegoat is neglected for their triumphs. Hidden in the violence, the chosen gain the spoils from the sacrifice.

We are born into a slow cyclone. Modern interferometry suggests the earth is stationary as the aether slowly rotates around us. God is stirring our world for a reason. Once you know the recipe, the violence becomes predictable. Man is yeast rising up from his knees. Human slavery is a kind of hatching. We were enslaved to each other long before we were enslaved to a state. Liberation is a blossom that keeps unfolding. Our thirst stretches a tongue farther out of the body to taste more rain.

This week Florida has unanimously passed anti-semitic legislation. We are creating a special class of citizen immune from criticism. Anti-hate laws are the Trojan horse we wheeled into our city while marveling at how virtuous we must be for taking it. It will be night soon. The belly of the beast will crack open and men will descend from ropes to slice open our throats. They have come for our voice box. I ask what’s the difference between “Trust the plan” and Stockholm syndrome. The answers don’t satisfy me.

Wikipedia says, “Stockholm syndrome is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity.” When Patty Hearst was taken hostage at age 20 by the Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) she believed her captors were compassionate. She hung hope on the notion they were moved by her pain. Her belief projected compassion into their hearts so she had something to appeal to. Nineteen months later, in 1974, Patty was helping her captors rob the Hibernia Bank. A month later, Patty had renamed herself Tania and emptied an automatic weapon into a storefront during a getaway. Patty was convicted for armed robbery and pardoned by Bill Clinton. The inventor of yellow journalism’s granddaughter was shown mercy for multiple felonies.

The FBI’s COINTELPRO program has installed domestic terrorist programs like the SLA nationwide from Berkeley to Mississippi. The Weather Underground and the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) were domestic training cells posing as an anti-racial, feminist, and criminal outreach programs. They recruited radicals from inside prisons and used media to arrange racial false flags attacks in Mississippi and Kent State. Mind control is the selection of gladiators for the Roman Coliseum. The civil rights movement we study today was installed by federal gangsters cashing in on the strife.

During JFK and 9-11 our nation was taken hostage by voodoo witch doctors blowing white powdered smoke in our face. We react to the spell in a predictable way because we are well trained. A cobra with seven heads has been charming our feet since the beginning. Each strike of its mouth comes from a new direction. We do well to keep our toes off the ground and dance. The right caters to Zionism because they hate pedophilia and corruption. The left caters to Zionism because they hate themselves and each other. We could point our weapons at the real Pharaoh anytime now. He is on the hill being fawned over by our wives and children while we sweat in the mud to win him more land and give him blood. We are epigenetically conditioned to serve a chosen one.

Most of the nation trusts the government. Most of the citizens mistrust big business. Both seem to forget that the government is a corporation now. We trust our flag’s colors more than its people. We trust the stories of Paul Revere we heard as children. We trust we have the moxie to dump tea or to muster a militia in a dawn’s early light. We extend our trust to the government like a free handshake. We believe our shaking makes us more civilized. This belief is how they break a horse. The owner can stick his fingers in our mouth to prove we won’t bite.

It is illegal in Sweden and Germany to homeschool. This raises an important question. What’s the difference between a child detention facility and compulsory government-run education? In France, it’s illegal now to even question the Holocaust. The brainwashing is worldwide and fulltime. There are not enough hours in the day to undo the empire’s dissonance. Europe is drowning in quicksand. America is up to its knees in the rising tide and we are adjusting to the smell. People don’t believe in humans anymore. This is what happens when you implant trauma from a seven-headed cobra. Man loses faith in himself. Behold the Trojan Horse of Zionism. The true history of the second world war has been overridden to mask the spread of globalism. The orange lion of Cyrus will usher in Greater Israel and install a new world court.

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