The Vampirism of Covid19 and Facemasks

– Science tells you the cloth in a mask can't stop a virus. – Science tells you viruses can't survive outside the body.
– Science tells you the only way to get a virus inside your body is by injection.
So why wear a mask? The answer is psychological. Wearing a mask in public means you want to feel safe by making everyone around you feel scared. This is vampirism. The perpetrator claims himself as a chosen person more deserving of your energy than you are. They pilfer your body's forcefield in broad daylight and want this to be the new normal for you, your kids, and society. If you believe in magic, i.e. ego/charisma, i.e. aether-transmission of willpower – keep reading. The number 19 has been used for nefarious purposes as an attack on humanity. There is a lot of power up for grabs that you can use for good. If you can do something, anything human, 19 times, you will forever charge that word with your belief in humanity. This plasma has tremendous effects on your psyche which can then be transmitted telepathically from your endocrine system antenna. Anyone with empathy is capable of receiving your signal. Your heart is a powerful oscillator and can transmute nefarious magic back into the land for good. Humanity is the will of the land. You can tune into her and she will charge you. She has so much energy waiting for you to listen.
Nineteen (19) is a free ticket for a double-bounce on the trampoline of magic. Try it out as many times as you'd like. Do something human 19 times. Be creative. It makes the magic more powerful when it has your personal touch. Don't kill yourself thinking it has to be perfect. Your magic will grow the more you practice. This is the perfect time to do it.
So what's the most human thing you can do in the next 30 days? Can you do it practically 19 times? Paying it forward is a characteristic of humanity that machines will never have or understand. If you're looking for an idea, give something for nothing 19 times in a row. Patreon:

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