"There's something really rotten going on…" Dr. Meryl Nass on the manipulation of Covid-19 case numbers, and the suppression of information about potential treatments.

What Then Must We Do?

Bretigne Shaffer Podcast

I speak with Meryl Nass, MD, about some of the blatant manipulation that characterizes official reporting on Covid-19 cases and deaths. We also talk about where the SARS-Cov2 virus may have come from, and the (possibly criminal) extent to which some have gone to suppress information about and access to potentially life-saving treatments.

Dr. Nass has been doing some of the best reporting on Covid-19 controversies. You can see her work here.

The article we discussed, “Shameless manipulation: Positive PCR tests drop after WHO instructs vendors to lower cycle threshholds. We have been played like a fiddle” is here.

Another article of hers that we mentioned, “How a false hydroxychloroquine narrative was created, and more”, is here.

(And as a special treat, if you listen carefully, you’ll be able to hear my chickens in the background.)

Original Source: https://pdcn.co/e/www.buzzsprout.com/756260/8037134-there-s-something-really-rotten-going-on-dr-meryl-nass-on-the-manipulation-of-covid-19-case-numbers-and-the-suppression-of-information-about-potential-treatments.mp3?blob_id=36096168

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