This Gun is a REAL LIFE CHEAT CODE…And It’s Legal?


This Double Stack 1911 / Custom 2011 is a CHEAT CODE In REAL LIFE.

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This might be the Best double stack 1911/best 1911 9mm pistol/Custom 2011 that I’ve tried so far.

It definitely competes well with the Staccato P, the Staccato XL, the Staccato XC and the Taran Tactical Combat Master. Also Known as the John Wick 4 Gun.

On this channel we focus on providing brutally honest reviews about various firearms and upgrades. Whether it’s choosing the Best AR 15 for the money, the best AR 15 Upgrades, best carry guns, or best Glock upgrades under 100.

My Favorite YouTube Channels to Watch

Colion Noir

Garand Thumb

Demolition Ranch

Kentucky Ballistics


Warrior Poet

Brandon Herrera

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