Toh …the cost of tampons is up to the employer

Since October 15 Italy – the only country in the world (!)- will impose the Green Pass on all workers. From factories to companies, from construction sites to shops to private homes (schools and hospitals have preceded the times), to be able to work, you will need to undergo a health treatment: either the vaccine or the swab. While vaccinations are an opportunity offered by the Health System – a gift made possible by taxpayers ‘ taxes – the tampon, we have been told, is borne by the worker.

But is it really so?

We thank the editorial staff of Free Information who has carried out an accurate research, sifting through the rules, to arrive at the conclusion opposite to the front statement, the one that says that the unvaccinated worker must provide the swab from his pocket, as if to suggest a “punishment” for those who choose not to vaccinate (choice, moreover, provided for by law). Click here.

Tampons are DSI, individual safety devices, such as protective helmets used on construction sites or safety boots. The costs of these arrangements are borne by the employer, who deducts them from the budgetary costs. It’s always been that way. The single text on safety and work of 2008 reads: “Security measures, allhygiene and health at work must in no case entail financial burdens for workers”. Click here, art 15, Paragraph 2 to P. 63.

In BIS support decree since last May, tampons have been included among the ISDS, individual safety devices and subject to a 30% tax credit. In this way “expenses incurred in the months of June, July and August for sanitization (…) and for the purchase of devices (…) including expenses for the administration of tampons for Covid-19 are reimbursed. The tax credit is up to a maximum of 60,000 euros for each beneficiary, in the total limit of 200,000 euros for the year 2021”. Click here.

The food chain Nature Yes which has announced to offer the buffer to its employees – gaining plaudits and visibility for this decision – is complying with rules on worker safety. But the others?

The government clarifies this aspect when converting the decree.

Reminiscent Free information that ” the recent report adopted by the Council of Europe “COVID-19 vaccines: ethical, legal and practical issues“, urges the Member States and the European Union to ensure that citizens are informed of the fact that vaccination is not compulsory and that no one can be discriminated against on the basis of the discretionary choice not to get vaccinated”.

So, on the one hand discriminations are not allowed. On the other hand, on the workers ‘ side, the charges are not due.

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