TOP 5 AUTISM TRIGGERS From Environmental Toxins to Tylenol, Toby Rogers PhD MPP Breaks Down the Five Scientifically Proven Toxicants Responsible For Increasing the Chance of Autism In Utero and Beyond. #Pregnant #Mother #ToxinsToAvoid #Tylenol #SSRI #Roundup #Mercury #Vaccines TYLENOL META ANALYSIS:
'Bauer et al. meta analysis' SSRI STUDIES:
Croen, Grether, Yoshida, Odouli, & Hendrick, 2011; Eriksson, Westerlund, Anderlid, Gillberg, & Fernell, 2012; Rai et al., 2013; Sørensen et al., 2013; Gidaya et al., 2014; Harrington, Lee, Crum, Zimmerman, & Hertz-Picciotto, 2014; El Marroun et al., 2014; Boukhris, Sheehy, Mottron, & Bérard, 2016. VAXXED VS. UNVAXXED STUDIES:
Gallagher and Goodman (2008) Gallagher and Goodman (2010) Thomas and Margulis (The Vaccine Friendly Plan, 2016, p. 326). Mawson et al. (2017a) Mawson et al. (2017b)

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