Top FOIA Filers:

When it comes to trying to make the federal government turn over information the public owns, the watchdog group Judicial Watch is by far the most aggressive organization.

According to the website, Judicial Watch comes in first place for number of times it has taken the federal government to court for failing to turn over information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

Judicial Watch filed 391 lawsuits against the government from Jan. 21, 2001 to through July 2018.

The American Civil Liberties Union comes in second place at 130 lawsuits, and Public Employees for Environmental Responsibilities rounds out the top three with 94 lawsuits.

The government agency with the most lawsuits against it is the Department of Justice – over 2,300 suits since 2001. Judicial Watch can take credit for 40 of those lawsuits.

Judicial Watch, a conservative group, is the top filer of FOIA lawsuits under President Trump. It was also the most persistent filer under Presidents Obama and Bush.

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