“Trace Amounts” Leaves a Trace: Oregon Kills 2nd Exemption-Killing Bill

Eric Gladen, take a bow. Your documentary is still remembered in the hallowed halls of Oregon’s statehouse.

Autism Investigated saw Trace Amounts four years ago just after the first vaccine exemption-killing bill was killed in the Oregon legislature as a result of its screening. Watching the film made it immediately clear how it caused the death of the bill. Autism Investigated posed the following question in its review of the film at the time:

What if the most effective argument is simply shining a light on the corruption within federal agencies responsible for immunization policies states mandate and on the greater greed – not the greater good – behind the “trace amounts” of one particularly toxic vaccine ingredient?

The systematic corruption behind the toxicity of vaccines is what this documentary argues. That’s what killed an exemption-killer in 2015, and that is just what has killed another exemption-killer in 2019. Unfortunately, state legislatures now considering mandates for the first time didn’t have the benefit of already seeing Trace Amounts. Just as Oregon has killed another exemption-killing bill, Washington has just killed its vaccine exemptions and Maine’s Senate has just passed an exemption-killer.

As more state vaccine exemptions come under threat, the story of Oregon should be a lesson to us all. Killing vaccine exemption-killers doesn’t happen by promoting the poison you’re trying to stop the mandating of or by preserving the government program covering up the poisoning. It certainly won’t happen by calling crooked politicians who whitewash the vaccine-autism cover-up as “genuine in getting to an answer” or by telling advocates “you are out of your fucking mind” for wanting the corrupt vaccine program to die. It happens by speaking the truth about the poison vaccines are and about the lies the vaccine people tell us. That’s what Eric Gladen’s Trace Amounts documentary does and that’s what we should all be doing.

Well done, Eric!

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