” Too many excess deaths among young people “

Since the beginning of the pandemic we have been accustomed to receiving every health directive from the CTS, the committee of technicians that guides the government on what to do. From how to deal with the disease to which drugs to give preference or discard, to the distribution of vaccines. In between there have been dozens of Appeals and counter appeals: exposed by doctors who disagree with the guidelines of the Cts (think of the unusual Prohibition of prescribing hydroxychloroquine to patients, click here or to the abused recommendation to wait vigilantly for the dangerous aggravation of symptoms).

But an unspecified number of contradictions have also emerged in the directives of the Cts itself. Think of the percentage of vaccinated necessary the immunity of the flock become more and more high, with the passage of the months (60%; 70%; 80%; 90%; 95%; 100% until the admission of the Presidents of the ISS and the health ministry, “the immunity of the flock is impossible to be achieved”); for vaccines, which were presented as “sterilizing” (such as to prevent outbreaks) and now they are; or the situation of those weeks: the virus, with its variants, spreads in Europe, hitting the person who has received two to three doses of the vaccine. And despite this, it continues to be argued that “those who have the green pass are safe”.

Today, like two years ago, health decisions always depend on the Cts. With an important difference though: doctors who disagree have gathered in an independent Medical-Scientific Commission (CMS). 

Who I am

Alberto Donzelli, specialist in Preventive Medicine, former member of the Superior Council of Health; Paul Bellavite, former professor of General Pathology at the University of Verona and author of 250 scientific publications; Marco Cosentino, professor of Pharmacology at Insubria University; John Frajese, endocrinologist, Professor at the University of Rome, Foro italico; Patrizia Gentilini, oncologist; Eugenio Serravalle, pediatrician and president of the Association of scientific studies and health information.

What they ask for 

An urgent confrontation with the Cts, as well as with the Higher Institute of Health. Five points to be discussed with priority.

  1. Trend of total mortality in 2021 compared to 2020 and earlier. Looking at Euromomo data, click here, emerge an unexplained increase in mortality among young people and adults. The surge affects all ages from 15 years to 74 while the expected advantage of 2021 over 2020 is confirmed only by 75 years and up. The excess mortality is particularly evident from 15 to 44 years and Italy also seems to be no exception. “And it’s all the more surprising – scholars point out – since it occurs after a decade of decline in overall all-cause mortality in this age group”.
  2. Data on the effectiveness of vaccines in preventing infection. Excellent in the first months, mediocre at six months, minimal and even negative in the following months. Central theme in this period because we rely on the green pass to enter crowded premises and move, in the face of inadequate evidence.
  3. Balance between benefits and risks of pediatric vaccination. Children who become ill usually do so mildly and develop a more robust and lasting immunity than vaccinated, in the self-interest of family members and the community. The risk-benefit ratio hangs sharply on the risk side.
  4. Data on the unvaccinated population and related risks on infections in communities.
  5. Active rather than passive surveillance to correctly estimate post-vaccination adverse reactions that passive surveillance underestimates by two orders of magnitude.

The last stop requested

Given “the acceleration with which decisions with a very high health impact follow one another” the New Medical-Scientific Commission notes “the appearance of a debate concerning the scientific foundations” of these decisions.

In fact many requests for comparison have already been sent. Donzelli said: “many of us, within our own associations or networks, have submitted appeals and Pec in recent months, but without getting answers. We will now promote conferences and open debates. We recognize ourselves in the scientific method, we are part of the scientific community, we have contributions to give and we ask to be able to discuss them”.


Original source: https://blog.ilgiornale.it/locati/2021/12/02/troppe-morti-in-eccesso-fra-i-giovani/

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