Trump picks up support for 2020 race: Unscientific poll

In the latest in our series of unscientific polls at (just for fun), we asked people if they voted for President Trump in 2016 and did they plan to do so in 2020.

The several thousand respondents were primarily Trump supporters. But what’s interesting is what we find when we examine how these Trump supporters answered.

Trump overwhelmingly retained his support among those who voted for him in 2016. Eighty-seven percent said they voted for hm and will vote for him again.

In addition, Trump picked up 10% of respondents who said they did not vote for Trump in 2016, but intend to do so in 2020.

That number outweighs the few who said they voted for Trump in 2016 but will not vote for him next time.


Re: President Trump
87% Voted for, would again
<1% Voted for, would not again
10% Did not vote for, but will next time
2% Did not vote for, won’t next time
<1% I don’t know

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