Trump Slams “Radical Democrat” Pelosi – “They Don’t See Drugs & Crime, They Only See 2020”


President Trump wasn’t thrilled with Democrats’ decision to reject his ‘reasonable’ offer to secure the $5.7 billion in border wall funding in exchange for a three-year extension of protections for the so-called “Dreamers”. And he’s making his displeasure with Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, with whom has has been feuding almost non-stop since the shutdown began, known in a Sunday morning twitter rant the likes of which we haven’t seen in some time.

First, Trump accused Pelosi of turning down his offer before he even had the chance to speak, accusing her of attaching more importance to political considerations than “crime & drugs.”

He then accused her of behaving “so irrationally & [going] so far left that she has now officially become a “Radical Democrat” – language Trump has used to describe newly inaugurated members of the House of Representatives, including Bronx Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a self-professed “Democratic Socialist.”

And he closed with another swipe about Pelosi’s demand that he postpone the State of the Union speech – she technically “disinvited” him because she controls half of Congress -saying he would “get back to you soon”. This, of course, suggests that he may be toying with the idea of delaying the speech, given that the shutdown is about to enter its fifth week.

Though even if Dems are hoping their #resistance will benefit them during the next presidential race, they might soon be disappointed. As Trump pointed out in another tweet, recent polls show that his support among Hispanics has risen susbstantially to roughly 50%, largely because “they know the border security issue better than anyone”…

…To be sure, as Trump has repeatedly reminded Americans, we are already building and renovating large segments of our current border barrier. And if Pelosi and her fellow Dems truly believe walls are immoral, why don’t they tear down the walls that already exist?

We now await a tweet demanding that Democrats either return to the bargaining table – or the president is going to put in action plans to use his emergency powers to start building the wall.

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