UK, behold, adverse events and deaths after the vaccine

I present to you the English report on adverse events of vaccination. The United Kingdom is preparing to re-opening and includes 26 million vaccinated, (2.2 million are the second dose). In the report include, in proportions very similar, both the reactions reported after the vaccine Pfizer (124.371 of which 302 fatal) and the ones after Astrazeneca (116.162 472 fatal); then there is a smaller percentage of reactions that refers to a vaccine that you do not know the brand (1.367 12 of which are fatal).

The signals arrive to the MHRA, which is the Agency of medicines English through a program called a Yellow Card because the doctors, or the citizens, using a yellow card to warn of the problems (the yellow card can make you think of a reality show, but it’s not…although more and more often we feel like we find it, but this is another story..). Click here taking care to open all the links attached.

Be careful, though. The authors of the report warn that it is not known if all the reports of deaths and adverse events reported to be due to the vaccinations. They state that at the moment, there is only a temporal correlation.


The data are collected with the system of pharmacovigilance, the passive, it means that no entity or any medical vaccinatore is anxious to follow in time the vaccinated people through phone calls or questionnaires. After the bite, if there’s an illness in the hours or days later, the signal comes or from the person concerned or by a doctor/hospital that has treated the adverse event.

We also know that the pharmacovigilance systems passive are undersized compared to the pharmacovigilance active. And that, with the farmacovigilanze passive, almost no adverse effect is taken into account for a more in-depth analysis. However, when a product is experimental, as are the new vaccines, anti Covid, you should begin studies of pharmacovigilance active.

There is to say, also, that the deaths are never attributed to vaccines (vaccination paediatric it has long been discussed of all deaths in the cradle, the so-called SIDS is more common in infants vaccinated than in non-vaccinated but it is the questions and the data collection end up in a dead end…).

Only one adverse event (rare)

In this period, the attention of the authorities and the media, it is focused on only one type of adverse event, observed after the vaccine Astrazeneca, the thrombosis thrombocytopenic. That is a very rare form of thrombosis “because, in general, the thrombosis – which are clots of blood – do not occur in persons who have deficiencies of platelets,” says Stefano Petti, epidemiologist, and professor of Hygiene at the Sapienza university.

It is said that the incidence of these rare thrombosis is infinitely small in the total vaccinated, that happen to 5 people, including 130,000. Click here. An incidence that Breasts calculated for us “and is of the 0,0038%”, and therefore considered to be insignificant compared to the damage that it can cause the disease Covid.

Continue Breasts: “let’s Try, however, to better analyze these numbers. The study previously linked has been conducted in the United States; let us ask ourselves how many are in the USA, in subjects with thrombocytopenia, and discover that they are a 9.5 per 100,000 people, click here (with the exception of people with severe forms of autoimmune diseases, with leukemias and lymphomas, or in therapy with chemotherapy). Then, as can be seen, among the 130,000 vaccinated subjects piastrinopenici had to be a maximum of 12 or 13, not more. At this point, the fact that 5 of them have had thrombosis, as I have said, is an event which is practically impossible in the piastrinopenici, carries the risk of thrombosis to 40% and not at the 0,0038% as it would seem at first sight. In practice, it would seem that the thrombosis after the vaccine is an event that is anything but rare if it occurs so often in people with the last problem is the formation of blood clots”.

At this point, the questions:

1) Why don’t you watch the other phenomena which have a close affinity with thrombosis? To stroke or heart attacks, or all of the thrombosis which, together, are much more numerous than the rare thrombosis piastrinopeniche? (we will see how to are listed in the report).

2) Because it focuses only on the vaccine Astrazeneca, disregarding the other?

3) Maybe it was because, at the time, only Astrazeneca was administered to young people, and a thrombosis lethal on a forty-year-old amazes more of a stroke on an eighty-year-old?

Currently unanswered questions, since that is in the course of the data collection.

Look, in the meantime, what emerges from the report in English

In early April, the mortality post-vaccine anti-Covid, in Britain, is 2.6 people per 100,000 doses after Astrazeneca and 2.2 per 100,000 doses after Pfizer. It means that, in the United Kingdom, 786 people have died after vaccination (302 after the Pfizer; 472 after Astrazeneca and 12 after a vaccine from the brand is not specified).

The report warns that most of these reports of deaths involved the elderly or people with chronic diseases.

Among the major adverse events, we have been amazed to count more than 100 cases of blindness (see the chapter on “visual noise” of the respective vaccines), why doesn’t she speak? It comes to phenomena related to the circulation of the blood? We have surprised even the 714 cases of anaphylactic shock (only one lethal).

And what are the other clotting disorders reported?

Appear, but in random order. Some are located under the “events cardiovascular divided into: stop heart disease, angine, heart attacks, fibrillations atrial, ischemic myocardial, infarction of the myocardium, thrombosis, and cardiac ventricular.

The stroke is included under “disorders of the nervous system” and are divided as: infarction of the cerebellum; cerebral infarction; occlusion of the middle cerebral artery; cerebral thrombosis; stroke; stroke; stroke with embolism; ischaemic stroke; cerebral infarction, ischemic; lacunar stroke; stroke lacunar; blood clots in the veins of the brain; cerebral venous sinus thrombosis.

Thrombophlebitis and thrombosis of deep veins were to be found in disorders of the blood, together with the piastrinopenie, the ipercoagulazione and anemias.

Moral. How do you explain the Nature here is practically impossible to consider as caused by the vaccine side effects are rare.

It must be noted that the collection of the reports so fragmented ago appear in “rarefied” many of the events that are in fact very similar.

But that the blood circulation is involved after these vaccinations is a fact. “We should do a ct scan before and after vaccination to notice the anomalies suggests Breasts – which, in many cases, we know, body car”.

“However”, explains Breasts – from the epidemiological point of view, the temporal correlation does not mean that there is a relationship of cause and effect. Even if the attacks occur most often after the vaccination does not mean anything. Here an article in Nature explains it. Unfortunately, however, these rules of the epidemiology jumped in front of the disease Covid. Suddenly, and only for this pandemic, thousands of deaths, presumed Covid (maybe only for positivity to the virus) were classified as caused by the virus. Two weights and two measures, such as never?”

Already, two weights and two measures. The dead are all from Covid, and the major adverse events, are almost never due to the vaccinations. Now as an adverse reaction important it seems there is only one, very rare. And all the other? And the dead?




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