Another taboo, Homeopathy

I visited the school homeopathic Hahnemannian directed by Claudio Colombo, in pavese. I had prepared my questions, to burst, from how Homeopathy works, to the publications. I filled the notebook with a replica of the professor pharmacologist Silvio Garattini (“it is only fresh water”), to which should be added the position of expert on vaccines, Roberto Burioni (“if someone does pee in the Atlantic Ocean, that is about a dilution of the homeopathic 10 in CH, the more concentrated the dilutions that you find in the pharmacy, so better hope that Homeopathy does not work”).

Instead, nothing of all this. Before telling you of the visit, however, it is important to precise my location.

I grew up ignoring the Homeopathy. I kept coughing and sore throat of my daughters children with homeopathic remedies without knowing that they were (then the noise ended, but, as shown by Symptoms, ailments on their own, you just have to wait).

With the years, increasing my interest in health, I chose to try the remedies on myself. If I told you that I decided after listening to a television broadcast would be lying, because I was already inclined to eliminate it as can medication, I was managing the after-effects of chemo, radio, load of hormones and counter-hormones…in short, I was ready to make a change , but that report on television, I admit, to me has turned on a light bulb. I will not dwell on the bet (Ballarò, 5-5-16), those who are interested can retrieve it by reading here. Is not the testimony of the wife of the conductor is what made me curious (though it was able to avoid a surgery in the groin, the son of a few months), but the reaction of the professor Garattini, before (“it was definitely a false diagnosis”) and the journalist Mirabella, then (“Cicap says that it is not possible”).

So it is: Homeopathy has become another taboo subject to the twenties of the second Millennium. A search of the newspapers of the past I can confirm that, in ten-twenty years ago, the topic was present on the newspapers as any other branch of Medicine. His popular book practical advice of your doctor Elio Rossi that went out weekly in the insert of the Health of the newspaper The Republic. If you try to track down nowadays, these phone books online, alas, you will find many pages blacked out. On the other hand, when a fact of medical malpractice or professional incompetence causes the deaths and has some reference to Homeopathy, on the newspaper headline: “Dead of Homeopathy” which is like saying “dead of Cardiology” (the latter opening words you’d never find). The titolista throws the shredder, bang, common sense, logic and professional skills are attributing the blame of a death due to medical error, to the discipline. Because the ago?

Keep in mind that deaths from medical errors in Italy are not considered, the Istat will not be taken into consideration. There are only investigations, sporadic, carried out by a few Orders. Click the site of “Medicine in small doses” to find some.

Yet it turns out, a work of twenty years published in the British Medical Journal in 2016, that medical errors represent the third leading cause of death in the U.s., approximately 240mila people out of a total of 2.6 million deaths. Here. That’s not all. There are also deaths from side effects from the medications, according to the report, “Death of Medicine” every year, 2.2 million americans end up in the hospital for an adverse event and 106mila die. Here.

Even in charity.

Curious. The homeopathic remedies they sell, undoubtedly, but the turnover is not comparable to that of traditional drugs: 300 million compared to 25,2 billion euro, are the two turnovers in the year 2015 (source: “the Process to Homeopathy”, Maria Sorbi. And. the Newspaper) . So there should be economic reasons for the cause of political antiomeopatica. Or yes?

On the day dedicated to collect medicines for the needy, promoted by the Counter pharmaceutical I was in a pharmacy in milan, in the center. Informed of the initiative, I choose to donate my eye favorite (customers were invited to buy a product of your choice) “That’s not good for me”, says the pharmacist. Believing that the problem they were liquid, I suggest an ointment of arnica. “It’s not okay, not even that, take aspirin”. “And you were not free to choose the gift?” “Yes but this is about homeopathy, and I don’t know if we can devolverla”. She replied: “But it is not written anywhere, they are products that you sell, and that from this year they also have the marketing authorisation of the Aifa”. The pharmacist was impatient and I as well. Fortunately, the volunteer in charge for the collection phoned his manager and I was able to offer the gift of eye drops.

The school Hahnemannian.

In the rejection of Homeopathy will converge to the ideology, interest, and exhausting searches – spurious or in the good faith – of the amount of active ingredients to justify its action; but if the remedies are, the more powerful the more they are diluted and dinamizzati, the explanation of how it is possible to be other than the presence of the dose amount, for example, may be with the waves, the frequencies, in other words, the more physical the chemistry. Not in the case of the scholars of physics such as Emilio Del Giudice, Vittorio Elia , or Charles Ventura show that “the communication between cells takes place more quickly through vibration and through chemical signals”. How can you exclude so that a minimum amount of a product that is energized, has any effect?

My conversation with Claudio Colombo, director of the school of Hahnemannian, has not even touched on the controversy. The courses, books, and presentations are for doctors and researchers, or for those who know which remedies have a sense.

“As it is easier to think that there is an order in Nature, rather than a disorder, so – says Colombo – it is intuitive, what Samuel Hahnemann (the doctor who theorized Homeopathy in the volume of the Organon published for the first time in 1810) has disclosed. In nature, there exists, in the form of mineral, vegetable or animal, something similar to each one of us. Very small particles but not insignificant. The Principle was the One who was made flesh, separating themselves”.

“The doctor that identifies what elements prevail in us helps us to find the balance. That is then the health. You give the body an input that is delicate and similar as possible to the personality of the patient or what the illness manifests, and you embark on the journey to self-healing, which also coincides with the approach to personal growth and awareness. For each person there can be multiple remedies ‘unique’ and are administered one at a time. After years of study and practice I have chosen to use the powers cinquantamillesimali LM (the more diluted, and powerful, and described by Hahnemann in the last edition of the Organon published posthumously in 1920)”.

But Columbus did not stop here. Identifies a plot between alchemy, hermeticism, and homeopathy. For those interested, I suggest the book “the evolution of The so in Hahnemannian Homeopathy” (ed. Mediterranean), which the author considers the inheritance received from his teacher of life, the scholar and alchemist Paul Lucarelli. After a first theoretical part, followed by a second devoted to the powers, disease, and phases of care so. We read that “the human being is a microcosm and there is nothing in the world that is not also present in man” that is why “only the similar can know the similar.” Because: “The universe originates from a single source of energy, and in virtue of paternity, there is communion between all things in the world”. And again: “For an alchemist (and a homeopath) that Nature is the work for mysterious ways but perfect and every body of the event has a material aspect that could ever be considered as such if there was a Spirit that makes them alive…”0ACC88CF-9A18-4388-BDAE-B7090538FE73

“…[…] we see, we hear, we speak, we think, but we do not know what energy makes us see, hear, talk, think, and what is worse is that we don’t import anything. And yet we are that energy, this is the apotheosis of human ignorance […]”. (Albert Einstein)

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