Underreported: The Intel Community’s Surveillance Scandal

This Sunday on Full Measure we investigate an underreported scandal inside our intelligence complex: alleged longstanding surveillance abuses.

Startling evidence has quietly been uncovered in the two years since Donald Trump has been President. But this scandal didn’t begin in 2016. Evidence shows it dates back at least a decade and a half.

Were some intel officials worried that a Trump administration would learn about their controversial practices?

Also: Spies Like Us!

Lisa Fletcher has a fascinating interview with a man who has investigated the role of journalists as– spies.

Montana Mermaid Paradise

Also come with us on a trip to a whimsical tiki bar in snowy Montana where the beer flows and the mermaids swim. And wait until you see what happened when a merMAN got into the water with his girlfriend, the merMAID!

The Sip ‘n Dip Lounge

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