Vaccine Discussion—Dr. Jay Gordon and Bill Maher 

On the November 1, 2019 episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher,” he had a conversation with pediatrician Jay Gordon, MD that lasted almost 14 minutes. It was truly a breath of fresh air to hear an open and frank discussion about vaccines.

Bill Maher, known for having his share of skepticism of health care recommendations and physicians, brings up the point that the medical profession doesn’t know everything about vaccines or any other drug/procedure. And what the U.S. thought was established science has been overturned many, many times. He and Dr. Jay Gordon agreed that to stop any discussions surrounding vaccines is short-sighted and does no one any good if we are truly committed to public safety of medical products. A number of ways to watch the show are listed below.

HBO subscribers can also watch here:

“Overtime” (a segment aired after the regular Bill Maher show). Dr. Jay Gordon mentions CA 277 at: 2:00-2:45.

Partial Bill Maher segment (8:42 vs. 14 min.)

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