Vaccine Injury is Free – As Long as We Deny It

I was sent a story from Fox News on the cost of a single case of tetanus: $800G.  I wondered, “What is cost of vaccine injury to society?“.  The journey started with a simple question posted to CensorBook:

“Does anyone have a breakdown of the medical and other costs of your child’s vaccine injury?”

Most people probably think there is a cost for speech therapy, supplements, cost of chelation if one can find a willing doctor, extra baby sitters. All of the responses were from parent of kids with autism.

Here are some responses:

“Between what we’ve paid out of pocket, what insurance has paid and the amount the school district has paid we are closing in on $1 million in just 7 years. ??

“If I went back and added it all up from early intervention days, therapies, special ed preschool, kindergarten to 21 years old in a 6-1 classroom with daily minibus, Medicaid services, SSDI, adult dayhab and self direction, I’m guessing it has cost the taxpayers hundred of thousand of dollars if not millions. Astronomical cost over her lifetime.”

“Ours is over $300,000 with 6 wheelchairs. 2 sport & 2 outgrown, 2 current use.”

“My total is almost at 1 million between insurance and private pay for medical, therapy and supplies covered by insurance, cash and grants for two vaccine injured kids ages 6 and 8.”

“Therapy per week: $1700 x 6 years (roughly, thank god insurance covers this): $530,400 to date. Supplements per week: $25ish x4 years: $5,200 to date. Not including gas to get the therapy and doctors appointments, time spent on IEPs and waitlists for therapy, glasses for 4 years, special diet, etc”

“I added mine it was $580,000.”

“For one year combined out of pocket and what is covered by insurance is approximately $275,000. Multiply by number of years = over $6.6 million.”

So who fronts the bill for autism costs?  If the parents have insurance, insurance premiums are no doubt raised.  One poster summed it up:

“Just so you know, I tell pro jabbers to keep working and paying taxes They need to support my kid who took one for the herd.”

If parents do not have insurance, they are out of luck:

“The cost would be higher if I could afford anything. The iPads alone for communication were a struggle.”

In fact, many of the families I know who have children whose medical condition they attribute to vaccination – whether the medical community concurs or not – live in abject poverty.  From time to time, I’ve collected shopper’s gift cards and sent them, especially around the holidays.  Remember, these families took one for the herd.  Some have had to turn to help from the child’s grandparents.

“A million here. My dad gave me a credit card to use for it all long ago. We used 2-4K a month for a decade. That doesn’t include what we paid for ourselves.”

By my estimation, in the US, vaccine injuries have easily cost society hundreds of billions of dollars if not over a trillion since 1986.  Only a paltry $4Billion has been paid out by HHS for vaccine injury claims in National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program – which is hostile to awarding for any vaccine injury not found on the table.  And the HHS’s medical doctors play with diagnoses to move injury claims from on-table to off-table.  I’ve been in the NVICP as an expert witness.  It’s absolutely corrupt and totally biased against giving awards.  Most Americans do not know about the NVICP – even though their doctors are supposed to – by law – inform them of the programs.

“Now we have a grandson we’re caring for as well. It’s incredibly expensive – and our kids don’t believe they could file a lawsuit. They have one more year before the statute runs out.”

The participants in the discussion were prescient:

“Wow. Looking at just these few responses I am stunned at the dollar amounts. And even those who have insurance that covers some, how long can the system keep doing that when there are more and more kids with serious vax injuries every day. For their lifetimes. This hurts my heart and y’all are in my thoughts and prayers???

Some didn’t want to know:

“I’m afraid to even attempt to add it up. And mine is less than most. Therapy weekly, dietary needs, dietary enzymes, weekly chiropractor visits.”

But the costs mount regardless:

“I would also say about a million this far.  Between early intervention that had to paid out of pocket due to my son ‘not being disabled enough’…

“Oh my goodness….I haven’t counted what we’ve spent outside the $150k in loans we have for alternative doctors, fees, traveling and treatments. That is just for alternative medicine. We’ve done traditional therapies for 14.5 years straight…”

“I have never added it all up. It would be so depressing to do so.  $3000,00/month for two years for ABA therapy, thousands of dollars for speech therapy, occupational therapy , doctors visits, supplements and it caused his type 1 diabetes…

“Psyche eval in teens to get proper schooling and placement was $2,000 each. Speech in one $180 a week for 5 years OT on two averaged $1,000 a month. Younger evaluations for ADHD around $4,000 . None of it covered by insurance. That’s just a snapshot…

Consumer Reports says the US is #1 in health care costs -which of course means #1 in health care provider profits.


In the discussion on costs, the poster who saw the problem most clearly said it best:

“I dont think there is a cost put on a parent’s sanity.”

Watch for Part Two of “Vaccine Injury is Free – If You Deny It” with a guest article by a parent who has done full accounting since her case was booted from the NVICP in the autism Ominus hearings.

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