Vaccines and autism?

For years, the government, medical establishment and vaccine industry have insisted that any science linking vaccines to autism is not to be believed.

But what if the government’s own pro-vaccine medical expert, who helped defend vaccines in federal vaccine court, privately told the government that vaccines can cause autism, after all? And what if the government not only covered that up but went on to misrepresent his opinion to debunk vaccine-autism lawsuits?

That’s the allegation from a world renowned pro-vaccine pediatric neurologist and we dig into the controversy Sunday in a story you’ll only see on Full Measure.

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We’ll also have a story on improving the polls. How will the industry improve for 2020 so that polling is viewed as more accurate? An expert fills us in.

And next time you pour delicious maple syrup on your pancakes, we’ll give you something to think about: Canada’s maple syrup cartel. Joce Sterman has that story.

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