Vaccines, it is increasingly urgent to have a policy response

The public, in the end, the video of the conference “Vaccine safety”, promoted by the Order of Biologists and a summary. The meeting was held Friday in Rome. More than 260 doctors, pharmacists and researchers of each Country.


From the interventions shows that vaccinations very little is known, even as much as work. “We do not bother to check what happens in the one who has just been vaccinated – because not interested in – but above all, there is not a single recipe or a protocol to make a vaccine, you try it when you distribute”. The declaration of the French virologist Jean – François Saluzzo , that manufactures vaccines for Sanofi and a consultant WHO appears in the video shown at the conference. Saluzzo adds that “sometimes, try it, you’re wrong. It happened that some vaccines (anti-polio and anti rabbica) have caused the illness that they wanted to counter or other infections; anti-yellow fever administered to the soldiers enlisted the hepatitis B, he was a victim of the general Churchill”. Again: “vaccines can be grown on a living subject, there is always a risk. In the early Fifties, the monkey kidney cells, the culture medium of polio was distributed to 60 million americans were found to be contaminated by a virus tumorigenic, fortunately, did not transmit to man. Recently, an anti – rotavirus is a result contaminated by a virus, the pig, who, thank heaven, has not infected the children.”

The fact that the applicant in the French Guillemette Crepeaux spoke about his research on the aluminum adjuvant, “present in two-thirds of the vaccines. In use for 90 years and yet have never studied the effects of metal salts on inoculated, do not know neither the pharmacokinetics, nor the doses permitted, nor individual susceptibility. We have seen that the aluminium in guinea pigs is not disposed of with the urine, but remains long in the body, migrating in organs such as the spleen, liver, and brain. The Fda sets limits (that our children, with 10 vaccines outweigh the great, ndr), but it is a roof that covers the functionality that is not toxicity. The presence of aluminum salts in vaccines is the same for 90 years, you volereste on a plane of 90 years ago?”. Dr. Crepeaux reminded that aluminium is involved in various diseases such as Miofascite macrophage, multiple sclerosis, autism, and the so-called “syndrome of the Gulf War”.

The researcher, Theresa Deisher, founder and president of Sound Choice Pharmaceutical Institute, has spoken of autoimmunity. And of the risk that traces of fetal dna (some crops, vaccination, are realized with cells of a healthy fetus immortalized) bind to a specific receptor, TLR-9, thereby triggering autoimmune reactions. “No study has ever explored the risk of the vaccines fetal dna yet, scientific evidence shows the high risks of auto-immunity. This aspect requires the utmost attention and a high monitoring. Mistakenly think that we are all similar genetically: instead, we are bearers of diversity significant”.

The analysis.

Loretta Bolgan, chemist and researcher, presented the preliminary results of the surveys conducted on certain batches of vaccines from a private laboratory. The work was commissioned by the association Corvelva, by some parents and by the Order of Biologists. “Has not yet been published in full, when will it be, will be subject to the review of experts. I meditated on the opportunity to disclose the data before the revision, which is a time-consuming procedure, and in the meantime, as a parent, I have chosen to inform. If not, we can guarantee the quality of a product, we can’t even say that this is safe.

In the batch we found traces of contaminants has not been declared, much more than the remains. The presence of drugs (Viagra), pesticides and acaricides, a retrovirus of anaemia equine, cell culture fetal genes in worms, mice and chicken. And, in place of the antigen, a macromolecule that we do not understand how you can divide to provide the body with protective antibodies. We await responses from the supervisory authority: to approve vaccines Ema carries out spot checks on lots identified by the manufacturer (!)”. Yes, we understand, is not the State who chooses what to check, but the manufacturer decides what to examine…(!) .

The fraud.

Paediatrician, indian , Jacob Puliyel has reported as to WHO, changing the algorithm of the adverse events, it has made impossible the evaluation. Why “unprecedented epidemiological you can’t talk about adverse events” (as if it were all always the same and they do not exist!). So the deaths resulting from the vaccine hexavalent chromium have been stored”.

The requests.

“You distinguish the effectiveness of the vaccines from the safety; of any medication you may say that is safe – he started the immunoallergologo Andrea ‘s Good – and apply the medicine of custom precision: with the genomic analyses of today you may not know much, why don’t you do it?”.

The president of the Order of biologists, Vincenzo D’anna asks for confirmation or denial, as shown at the conference, and surveys, “it’s not up to us to wonder why only one pharmaceutical company has given to doctors for 40 million euros in the last year, but it is also up to us biologists denounce scientific gaps: it is not clear why the research on vaccines should be based on the truth revealed by someone who has the interest to dictate to us to be believed on the word. It is unthinkable that you know everything that it contains (and contains) a jar of yogurt and nothing that concerns a vaccine.”

The virologist Giulio Tarro, which will guide the Commission on biotechnology of the virosfera Wabt-Unesco, reiterated the importance of pharmacovigilance active. “The vaccine is a medication that is administered to children, therefore, should be given increased surveillance, all the more so when it becomes mandatory. The research here described are to be reproduced and in-depth. Not must remain doubtful”.

The obligation and the consent informed.

A consideration on an issue that are dear to me. The obligation of the 10 vaccines on infants introduced with the law 119 (which should be immediately removed as a precaution until the test results exhibited yesterday) does not mean constriction. Thanks to our Constitution, and the laws that govern the informed consent, we can always refuse any medical treatment even in emergency – if it is conscious – and also to therapies that have already started or even start if seriously ill (it happened, however, that the zealous directors of health seeking the inability to intenderei and desire for patients to accept. On this we will).

What is informed consent? A form to be signed, the condition to proceed to any medical treatment. Without membership no surgery, no chemo, no tranquilizer, no vaccine. On the form it is written that the recipient of the therapies has been adequately informed and therefore accepts what the same entail, including the risk. The latter should also appear under “side effects” or “unwanted”, or under “contraindications”.

We learned, unfortunately, that in the case of adverse events, as assessed, is not the company that pays the families damaged but the State (i.e. us).

The law 119 – not being able to cancel the informed consent and therefore make coercive vaccinations – has linked the obligation to the entrance to the nursery or nurseries. A sort of blackmail, so that you can avoid by choosing to forego a right – to send the child to kindergarten – with all the inconvenience that this choice entails. But, we have had confirmations authoritative, health, and the precautionary principle are worth more.



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