Vaccines, too many doubts: requested the withdrawal

Three news on which to reflect. The first relates to the video found at this link. The video shows some of the doctors and pharmacists of the Trentino-Alto Adige that inform the population on vaccination in the course. Are a dozen or so, in the representation of a hundred colleagues (mostly engaged in private) and invite to the prudence to the brand-new gene therapy own of these early vaccines in the trade as being innovative, it is more that you ignore what you know.

The video has had thousands of views in a few days. To be precise: 120 thousand in the last 24 hours from the page in Facebook.

The second news is the reaction of the press to one side, and of the Orders of doctors of Trento and Bolzano on the other, that they do not have appreciated the statements of the professionals and are considering disciplinary action.

The third, however, relates to the legal action against the EU Commission. Doctors and nurses from south tyrol ask to cancel the distribution of vaccines and experimental-based gene in the whole of Europe. According to the applicants, who are presenting exposed to the european Court, they would be infringed community law on the guarantee of the safety of medicines and the respective procedures.

The video

The doctors who appear in the movie state that “this is the first time that you prove vaccines with this technology: the messenger RNA provides instructions to our cells, induces a gene expression that you do not know the effects”. They say that there are “more than 20 years, we try to make approve of this technology in cancer drugs, but the approval of a trade never came (at the moment there is only one drug for the amyloidosis is based on messenger RNA”).

Remember that “in this case, the approval of the commerce was very fast, 11 months between test and production, the effect of the pandemic”.

Do note that “the effectiveness of 95%, as declared by the manufacturers, has been questioned by a study of the British Medical Journal, which estimated the effectiveness between 19 and 29%”. And which regulatory authorities have granted to new vaccines, an authorisation to trade “conditioning” of a year since the clinical studies conducted on the population is to be completed in the years 2022 and 2023.

They say that you do not know the effects on fertility of male and female (see leaflet). That you do not know the interaction with other medications (see leaflet). That is not known yet if the vaccinated person, once you have found the virus can spread it to others just like the one who was infected and did not make the vaccine (see leaflet).

“The intent of the video is to inform citizens of Italian and German – as we are in an area of the border – because the explanations provided by the public Health are very deficient explains Hannes Loacker, pharmacist – it Is our duty to explain to the population how to work a medication in a manner understandable to allow them to make a responsible choice. To establish the Italian law, but also the Oviedo Convention on human rights”.

The reaction

The local press has called the video a “no-vax” and announced that the company’s health south Tyrol will present a complaint to the Prosecutor’s office for procured alarm. Click here.

“At the moment we have not received anything – clarifies the surgeon and orthopedic Roberto Cappelletti, one of the doctors who spoke in the video. I reject the accusation of no-vax, because, as my colleague knows, each vaccine is a product that is different from the other, and the duty, we should talk carefully to each. The video touches on aspects of the new technologies applied to vaccines that have not yet been elucidated. The Order of the Doctors he did know, informally, that those who do not vaccinate is unworthy. We do not feel unworthy or to have expressed perplexity, or to apply, in the absence of data, the precautionary principle”.

As for the procured alarm, if anything it is the opposite. We explain that the Covid has serious effects on a category limited to people with multiple diseases”.

The request to cancel the distribution of vaccines

Loacker informs us that as of February 16, have been submitted to the EU Court the first two actions for annulment of the respective decisions of the EU Commission on the permission conditioning of the marketing of vaccines Comirnaty (Pfitzer/BioNTech) and Modern, “in view of the serious breach of community legislation in the field of drugs.” The action for annulment of the decision of the EU Commission concerning the authorisation of the vaccine AstraZeneca will be presented in the near future. Click here.

Explain Loacker: “Given that Italy, like other Countries of the EU, illegitimately not opposed to the centralised authorisation of these vaccines, gene therapy, and the authorisation for the placing on the EU market had been part of the EU Commission, it is fundamental to an appeal to the community level of the unlawful acts of the community”.

In particular: “The community legislation puts in first place the obligation of the authorities to guarantee the safety of medicinal products, especially if they are intended for the entire population. Considering that the health risk to the Sars-Cov-2 is a percentage of the citizens is very limited, it is a gamble, more than that prohibited by the regulations of the community, putting at risk the health of the whole population with medications that don’t know anything”.

According to the applicants lack the conditions for the marketing authorisation conditioning, as pointed out by the community Code on medicinal products for human use, see directive of the european Parliament of 2001, here.

In summary:

1) the benefit of these vaccines is not shown; 2) the risks are still to be explored; 3) it is not known if the vaccinated to prevent the circulation of the virus; and (4) lacks the risk/benefit ratio; 5) it is not likely that you add after complete clinical data since the approval procedure has treated these products, such as vaccines and not as a gene therapy; 6) new products meet even the actual medical needs unsatisfied, given that they were also the Italian doctors have shown us that there are already drugs (not too expensive) that, if used well, will provide you with the care.

Italian doctors who, remember, are appeals repeatedly to the TAR to counter the instructions deficient in the Ministry of Health and the AIFA (prohibited for months, hydroxychloroquine, click here, and is recommended only paracetamol and watchful waiting) in order to confirm the legitimacy of the use of drugs groundlessly prohibited to cure the sick of Covid-19. Click here.

The EU Commission has the time, respectively, until the 17th of march, and 6 April to constitute a judgment. It has been applied for the application of the rite accelerated. Can intervene in support of all EU citizens.


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