“Vax Pushers Won’t Debate” Artwork for VisForVaccine Signage


This artwork is unauthorized by VisForVaccine organizers. Permission to produce this artwork for VisForVaccine signage was not requested. Inspired by one of my favorites, Toni Bark, MD.


1.) Download artwork here: VAX-PUSHERS-WONT-DEBATE.jpg.zip
2.) Follow tutorials and download other artwork here: https://www.visforvaccine.com/tutorials.html

“V is for Vax Pushers Won’t Debate”

“Vax Pushers Won’t Debate” was photoshopped into this photo posted by Rob Schneider.

Vax Pushers have refused to debate in public with vaccine risk aware doctors, scientists, lawyers, or medical journalists, on vaccine science or history.

The following experts have been willing to have one:

  • Dr. Bob Sears, MD, Pediatrician; co-founder of Immunity Education Group, book author;
  • Dr. David L. Lewis, PhD, Research Director Focus for Health Foundation/Former Senior-Level Research Microbiologist for the US Environmental Protection Agency; 
  • Dr. Christopher Shaw, PhD, Neuroscientist; 
  • Dr. Toni Bark, MD, MHEM, LEED, AP, Founder and Medical Director for the Center for Disease Prevention & Reversal; 
  • Dr. James Lyons-Weiler, PhD, CEO of the Institute of Pure and Applied Knowledge; 
  • Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO, AOBNMM, ABIHM, Founder of Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center; 
  • Dr. Gayle DeLong, PhD, Associate Professor of Economics and Finance; 
  • Del Bigtree, Medical Journalist, Former Emmy-Winning Producer of “The Doctors”, Founder of ICAN, Host and Producer of the “Highwire”. 

List above copied from One Conversation: https://oneconversationatatime.com/about.

One Conversation held an event where experts from all sides were invited to have a conversation about vaccines. Prominent “Vax Pushers” were invited to participate, accepted, and then backed out. Here’s the backstory…

We are supposed to assume that there are these “great minds,” a body of credible scientists, working to make sure vaccines are perfectly safe for the public. We’re supposed to believe there are thousands of them and they all agree the “science is settled.” I have yet to find a single CDC scientist or prominent figure in academia come out and argue in the affirmative for vaccines and be willing to have their talking points challenged. The answer to me as to why that is is very simple. They know how quickly it would be exposed the lack of safety studies, how injuries are underreported, that the dangers of “vaccine preventable diseases” are over exaggerated, the conflicts of interests embedded within agencies exposed, and how past successes of the vaccine program have been over-glorified as life saving.

The intent of this sign artwork is to push the conversation, calling for those supposedly representing the public’s best interest to come out in public and debate any of the above experts. Where are they? Why won’t they debate?

Request: If you put one of these signs to use, please take a photo and post it on social media using hashtag #VaxPushersWontDebate.


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