Vaxxed II The People’s Truth Movie Review


By Jefferey Jaxen

Vaxxed took the world by storm in 2016. Was it the compelling story of a whistleblower working inside the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention? Or was it the media attention the movie was catapulted into when Robert De Niro announced he would screen it at Tribeca… only to pull it days later? Or were the questions asked and ideas presented in the film simply an idea whose time had come?

A phenomena was birthed and a movement was supercharged during the Vaxxed premiere at New York’s Angelika theater in 2016.

A revolution was ignited in which everyday people leveraged technology to tell a story that had been simmering throughout American society waiting patiently for the right moment to burst forth at the seams into the public consciousness.

Citizen journalists took up the roles of war correspondents documenting casualties, not from hostile military opponents on some distant battlefield, but right here on American soil. To them, it was most important that there was an honesty to what they were doing – that the truth was documented.

Prior to hearing the stories and experiences, most of America had been in the dark about vaccine injury. Victim to the bumper sticker slogans created by Big Pharma ad agencies, the ‘one in a million’ settled science had enchanted the minds of the medical community and effectively shut down open debate, investigation and journalism. That all changed the second Vaxxed hit Angelika’s New York screen.

The popular Q&A sessions grew after each showing where Del Bigtree, Polly Tommey, Andrew Wakefield and others stayed to answer audience questions and have open discussion to unpack what was really happening in America. Each discussion was captured by live-streaming Periscope feeds from audience members supercharging worldwide participation.

It became obvious to the producers and moviegoers that a void in America had been deliberately created. Stories needed to be told of harm at the hands of a medical product line. The team acquired a bus and the adventure began. At the time, few could have understood its significance. 

The second act was a bus tour around America to document the stories in true gorilla journalism style – raw, uncut and real. Several important points and patterns began to emerge from the Vaxxed bus experience. While the media was busy teaching us all to hate, discriminate and shun the ones they coined ‘anti-vaxers,’ the reality was that the parents of the injured children had been fully compliant with government-recommended vaccine schedules. It was the Vaxxed bus testimonials which really cemented the puzzle pieces together revealing the ongoing corporate media agenda to omit the experiences of the parent-witness to their child or teenager’s vaccine injury.    

When we first started out, people were nervous to tell their story. People are not afraid anymore.” Polly Tommey

The process began to right the media-driven inversion foisted upon American culture which revealed that these parents asking questions and demanding answers were ‘pro-vaccine’ until devastating injuries transformed their kids – often overnight. The one common culprit in every case were post-vaccination reactions leaving the children and teenagers harmed and desperately looking for answers and help from an unprepared medical community. The words “do not come back,” find another doctor,” “we can’t see you anymore,” or “you are no longer a patient” were often what they heard from their doctors. Falsely labeled anti-vaxers were being shown in reality to be ex-vaxers and the spell began to be lifted through heart-wrenching stories – one after the other.

The greatest credit, I really believe, to the change we will one day see will be owed to those parents out there who told of their injuries…that were no longer afraid…those who were brave enough to tell their story and moved others to tell their story.” -Del Bigtree

At an institutional level, it was when the doctors, nurses, scientists and health professionals began speaking out that a new corner was turned. Echoing the stories of the parents, the Vaxxed bus began doubling as a confessional for wayward members of the medical community who broke their conditioning. Repenting for believing the ‘safe and effective’ vaccine propaganda and now recounting vaccine-injured patients, often created by their own hands, the medical community now had an outlet to tell their experiences.   

What has been uncovered surrounding the truth about vaccines in three short years has been society-changing. As governments race to legislate and enforce ridiculous levels of coercion and outright unethical behavior, the people are telling their stories en masse. Meanwhile, Big Tech outlets like Google, Facebook, YouTube and others have fallen over themselves in ham-fisted attempts to silence parents and their stories the Vaxxed bus amplified. America currently sits at a crossroads.

Vaxxed II The People’s Truth stands as a testament and historically significant account of free people sounding an alarm, demanding change from their representatives and medical community, and courageously baring their souls warning future generations to never fall victim to such atrocities again. 

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