Watch: Massive Inferno Engulfs Another UAE Skyscraper


Watch: Massive Inferno Engulfs Another UAE Skyscraper

A high-rise tower in the United Arab Emirates has been engulfed in a massive blaze Tuesday, and reportedly was burning out of control into the nighttime hours

A massive fire at a residential tower in Al Nahda in Sharjah, via New Zealand Herald.

The 48-floor Abbco Tower in Sharjah was filmed with flames shooting up through its top floors, while firefighters could do little to immediately stop the blaze given the magnitude.

There are no reported deaths, however, close to a dozen people were treated for injuries, and it further appears all residents had time to escape. 

Local reports say it’s one of the tallest buildings in the area.

Firefighting drones and at least a dozen firetrucks were seen battling the blaze which is of unknown origin. 

It’s reportedly been since brought under control and put out, though parts may still be smoldering as emergency crews are trying to “cool” the building. 

According an AP/NY Times report, the blaze grew so rapidly and fierce in large part due to the building materials

The UAE, including skyscraper-studded Dubai, has suffered a spate of fires in its high-rises in recent years.

The reason for the blazes, building and safety experts say, is the material used for the buildings’ sidings, called aluminum composite panel cladding.

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